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  1. Yesterday, I declined my interview with MWU IL because I was accepted somewhere else. Hope this will open up a spot for anyone who really believe MWU is a good match for them! Good luck everyone!
  2. Just want to double check with those who are applying: the secondary/supplemental application for UW-Madison PA program is the one built into the CASPA, correct? And no extra supplemental application fee required?
  3. Thank you for helping calm my nerve. I know this is a mistake I definitely do not want to make in the future, and I do hope they see my attributes/characteristics beyond this mistake.
  4. Thank you for your comment. I agree it's definitely a mistake on my part, and being nervous alone isn't the best excuse. I really do hope that if adcom did notice that, they will give me some grace :P. I really do strive to be as professional, polite, and kind as possible knowing those are some of the important attributes as a future PA. I will definitely learn from my mistakes and hope for a much-improved performance for my other interviews. Thank you again!
  5. Thank you for your advice! Yes, for future reference, I will definitely address them by their last name first unless they correct me. Learning about all that I can improve for my next interview(s).
  6. Hi all, I recently had my second PA school interview for this cycle. As I reflect on my interview, I realize I might have made a huge mistake, because I address my interviewers by their first name instead asking them what they would prefer. I was nervous and one thing I kept reminding myself is to thank the interviewers by their name before exiting the room. This interview is MMI style, so I am not sure how much this mistake will weigh in my interview. Thoughts? Any advice would be much appreciated.
  7. Just wondering if the school sends out another email to confirm they have received CASPer result? In my initial confirmation email in 5/28, it still says to be sure to take CASPer before Sep 1st though the result has been sent prior to that date according to the CASPer portal. Just want to check and see if I should send a follow up email to confirm.
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