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  1. I would be the 3rd or the 4th cohort it I'm correct (the second program is Chapman). At the interview I had the impression that the program was very flexible and fluid due to its nascent stage which seems to have both pros and cons. But you're right about COL difference offsetting the tuition, and hopefully I'll get over the coast-to-coast move quickly. Thank you for your input!
  2. Thank you so much for your detailed input! I definitely want to go far with my PA career, and I feel that Duke will provide me with those opportunities to go beyond just clinical practice. That's something that I should keep in mind. The newer program is Chapman, which has a few years under its belt and seemed like a good program, with faculty that previously worked at other programs. I agree that this would be the ideal time to start a new chapter in a new place, which a big part of me wants to do - I'm not a super outgoing person so it is daunting, but deep inside I think I know that shouldn't deter me from new experiences.
  3. Hey y'all! I'm currently stuck in the happiest dilemma and was hoping to receive some opinions from this forum. I've been fortunate enough to decide between two programs. Program A: Duke Pros: -great reputation, established program with a lot of uncommon elective rotations I'm interested in (interventional radiology, plastic surgery, integrative health, etc) -cheaper cost of living -faculty and students seem nice, but didn't necessarily click with them -given that this is the oldest program where the profession originated, I'm sure the quality of the education and support will be superior to a newer program Cons: -I'm from California, and will have to move for the first time in my life to the opposite side of the country by myself (no family or friends nearby) -more expensive ($87,036 for 2 years) -not as impressed with the facilities, and many of them are on the med school campus and not onsite -large class (I'm an introvert, so concerned about making friends) -most likely will leave the area after I graduate Program B: newer program Pros: -1.5hr drive from home, meaning I'll have a support system of family and friends; weather will be nice; similar culture -cheaper ($75,616 for 2 years) -I may want to practice here, although I'm not completely sure -newer program, so all the facilities are state-of-the-art and new -smaller cohort (50 people), meaning I'll be able to get to know my class better Cons: -provisionally accredited, so may still have some kinks to smooth out -not affiliated with a medical center -higher cost of living My primary concerns are regarding tuition, location, and class size. Many people on this forum say to choose a school for the location and tuition over other things, but I still feel dumb for passing up Duke since it's, well, Duke. I do believe that the name and the connections I foster will be able to help me land my first job regardless where I decided to live, and make the beginning of my career easier. I also know I will have an easier time psychologically if I go to the newer program since I won't have to transition so drastically. But I also think I should just suck it up and make the move. How much impact did family/friends have on surviving PA school for you? Especially if you went to a larger program where it's easier to get lost in the numbers and harder to make friends? As a somewhat quiet and introverted person, I'm concerned about whether I can succeed in a completely new environment by myself. I would really appreciate your opinions and what your experiences were if you went through a similar situation, Thanks!
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