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  1. I would apply. Many schools this year are being a lot more lenient about shadowing hours due to COVID causing a shut down of the clinical environments where you could shadow. I got a few emails or checked some updates from programs that said they were allowing hours to not be complete at time of application or throwing that out all together.
  2. Does anyone know if I can verify my application and then apply to individual programs or do I get it verified by applying to programs? I just don't to do something out of order and have a school not receive some information.
  3. I am in the same boat so I would be interested to hear others replies as well!
  4. Sorry, I just clarified above, but I have almost all the prerequisites complete but I am borderline for the 10 year limit that if I don’t get in this round, I will have to redo all of them. So I’ll have grades to provide and fulfill prerequisites for the admission cycle besides OChem and Chem 2. I am just redoing all in case I don’t get in this round. Thanks!
  5. I am someone who is pursuing PA school after being out of school for a number of years. I am borderline for the 10 year mark for prerequisites and plan to retake the common courses to open my application eligibility pool. The problem I am running into is that a lot of programs require you to complete prerequisites the December before matriculation. I have at least two courses I would need to take in the Spring to be up-to-date in all coursework. This means I would need to sit out this application cycle due to the December timeline. Does anyone know where I could find a list or have some suggestions of schools who accept students conditional of courses being complete at the time of matriculation rather than by December? I know Penn State, Emory, and a few others do this. Do you know of others? clarifying part: I have most of the prerequisites done already except for OChem and Chem 2. I am just retaking because I am so borderline or the 10 year time limit many programs have.
  6. For those that got accepted, would you be willing to share your stats? I would like to apply for a future Class!
  7. I am in the process of redoing my prerequsite coursework (More than 10 years out from undergrad) and will have it all completed by Spring 2021. Unfortunately a lot of programs require prerequisite work to be completed by December 31st the year prior to matriculation. This means by taking Spring classes I will have to sit out a year. Does anyone know of PA programs in the Southeast that would have a later deadline?
  8. Hey All, I didn't see a thread like this so I thought I would start one! I just got a letter of rejection for the Post-Bacc Pre med program from UVA. I applied October 1st.
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