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  1. I have just been selecting multiple classes for some stuff. For example, some programs ask for micro and I took micro and med micro, so I will submit both.
  2. Okay. I was wondering if we had to retake the CASPer test if we took it last cycle. I emailed the program, and they have not gotten back to me yet. Do you know if we have to retake it?
  3. Has anyone who has interviewed and not heard back tried contacting the school? I interviewed back in October and haven't heard back. I was just wondering if they were done accepting people.
  4. Same! I got an email around the same time. Rejection with no interview
  5. They only do 4 interviews, and I believe 3 have already been conducted. So there should only be 1 interview left.
  6. That's awesome! I saw your post in the other forum. Congratulations! Happy you got in somewhere closer to home and at the same time were able to free up a spot here! Good luck to you too! I hope you do well in your program
  7. I believe I saw someone on this forum missed the call and got their email a week after the call. Sounds like you'll be getting good news though if you received a call Congrats!
  8. Retweet! I was wondering the same thing. And yes! Huge congratulations to those who have been accepted already!
  9. Oh very true. I didn't realize y'all's interview was on a Thursday.
  10. Has anyone from the 11/19 interview heard anything yet? I interviewed 10/19. Just trying to gauge whether or not I should be waiting for a call this week or if I get to continue waiting until after the next interview Thanks in advance friends!
  11. @srood97 I interviewed in the morning group on October 19th this cycle (haven’t heard back yet, so probably on the waitlist right now), but none of the stations had an A&P quiz for my interview. I was prepared for one too though. some of the questions were role-playing scenarios and others were more traditional. I don’t think there was anything too crazy. This was only the second program I have interviewed with, but the faculty was amazing! My experience interviewing here was so great! The only thing I hate about MMI is that you can’t talk about anything but the prompt that is given. Some
  12. Me! I got the email saying they received my app and I needed to fill out the residency questionnaire, but have not heard anything since then
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