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  1. Zach, what’s something you wish you knew when you started P.A. school?
  2. Undergrad Ed School: University of cincinnati Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.71 (as of right now) Science Undergrad. GPA:  Age at application time : 19 1st GRE: 312 Direct Patient Care : home health aide 350 hrs Extracurricular/Research Activities: volunteering at mercy health, cancer research with previous professor, volunteering at elementary schools for tutoring  Schools Applied: (4) Kettering, Ohio Dominican, university of Toledo, south college Knoxville  Application Submitted Date: 10/01/2019 Schools Received Application Date: 10/14-10/17 (approximate date)   Interview Invites: Toledo Denied: N/A (silent rejections maybe? Haven’t heard anything yet) Waitlisted: N/A  Accepted: Toledo
  3. Zach, What would you say your best advice is for the didactic portion of the program is? How do you handle the heavy course load and staying in school from 8-5 everyday? Thanks!
  4. Just got accepted!! (10/25 interview) sadly I have laryngitis so my dad answered the call for me
  5. They said we probably wouldn’t hear back until December.
  6. Is anyone else attending the October 25th interview this Friday?
  7. Sure! I actually submitted really late because I wasn’t planning on applying here so I submitted on 10/01
  8. I got an interview invite today! Will probably pick October the 25th or November the 15th but I’m not sure yet.
  9. I thought I’d start this since I didn’t see any posts about this application cycle yet. Has anyone heard back besides the normal “we received your application” email?
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