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  1. I totally get it, you are not alone! I've been home with my kids (2.5yo and almost 5yo) since my youngest was born, but we had so many activities, playdates (mom dates), library before! Since Covid, its been so hard to stay alone at home. I've been taking classes part-time since last year. It's been hard and I've been looking for jobs like crazy now bc I'm so burned out form being home. I know it's easier said than done, but try to be kind to yourself. I think you should try to enjoy your little one as much as you can, and also carve a bit of time for school and you. One of the best parenting advices I've gotten was: when things are tough, get outside or add water! A walk, a drive, a hike, anything. Your little one will be happy, and so will you. Add water: a bath, water the plants, give baby a bath, have child help wash dishes etc. These are nice little breaks that help us feel a little "light" on the grind of everyday sameness. Also, I get very frustrated if I'm trying to study and I get interrupted. So now I only do it during nap time, or after bedtime, sometimes before my husband starts work. Does your little one nap well in the car? Take a drive, park somewhere pretty and study? Can you take a couple of hours to yourself on the weekend that are not for kid related things or school? The famous self-care! Schedule everything down by the hour with your partner? Last semester I was taking 2 classes and it was rough! Everyone was stressed and I had to fly home for a couple of months (I know, I know, the pandemic) to get my parent's help with the kids. So do what you gotta do. Only you know what you can do, but know you are not alone. My oldest tells me "Mom, I like that you are learning all this stuff! So cool!". I think your little one would do the same if he could talk. You can totally do this!
  2. Imlbb


    Thanks for the info! that's encouraging! Do you work at an office or hospital? Just general peds?
  3. Hi everyone, I'm a non-traditional applicant who started prerequisites classes this year. I'm applying to a couple of schools that have the following requirements: School 1- 2 Chem classes, one being biochem or organic, preferably both. School 2- intro or general chem with lab - Gen or Intro Biochem, or Organic with lab What I didn't know was that I needed general 1 AND 2, to be able to take organic or Biochem. Is that right everywhere? So my plan is to to take Gen chem 1 and 2 over the summer, to then take biochem (frankly bc no lab and the timing works better for me, but I've heard it's much harder). Thoughts? Am I crazy for taking these chem classes online? Crazy for biochem before organic? Thanks for any insight!
  4. Not a PA yet, but curious.. If you work in Peds, how much do you make? Or do you personally know someone who works in the specialty? Would love to know from actual people, instead of online surveys. They always say it's one of the lowest in the profession, which I believe. But I love kids, and it's ultimately what I wand to do, but curious to see if there was any wiggle room such as if you work with kids in dermatology or orthopedics. Thank you!
  5. Imlbb


    Not a PA yet, but curious.. If you work in Peds, how much do you make? Would love to know from actual people. Online surveys always say it's one of the lowest in the profession. I love kids, and it's ultimately what I wand to do, but curious to see if there was any wiggle room such as if you work with kids in dermatology or orthopedics.
  6. Hi everyone, Have you ever have doubts choosing the PA path, with the "what if I move to a country that doesn't recognize this profession"? In my case, I've been in the US for 13 years, married, with kids and my home country has never heard of PAs. I don't really have intentions of moving back, but there's always the what if? Not strong enough to change my mind, but kind of lurking there. Anyone with similar thoughts?
  7. Thanks everyone! I thought I'd reply in case people have the same questions I did. I tried to apply to a couple of jobs, but with daycare costs, it just didn't make sense. So I'm starting the school road instead. Taking a couple of classes this semester, one evening and one online. Will try some volunteer hospital shifts for the time begin once I get the hang of school again.
  8. Hi all, I'm 31 years old, mom of 2 young kids and have a major in marketing. I had no idea about the profession when I went to college (I'm also in immigrant who came here when I was 18). I have decided I want to be a PA and have been spending hours and hours reading this forum, watching youtube videos, reading everything I can about the whole process. I'm a stay at home mom now, and was trying to get a job as a medical receptionist just to get my feet wet, since I have no certifications, but it's possible daycare costs would be higher than my salary. Looking into taking my pre-requisite courses in the Spring semester. But how do I get my hours without spending years and thousands of $$? Phlebotomy? EMT? I think CNA may not be for me. I ultimately want to work with children. Any input? Suggestions? Is this all crazy? Thank you if you've read this far!
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