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  1. Of course! The program is going to be accepting 40 students for the Fall 2020 class, December 10th was their first interview date and they have a brand new faculty. The interview was pretty relaxed and they make sure you get a lot of info about the program so you can decide that you like it there. Its definitely worth applying even though it feels late! Don't let all the other programs deadlines discourage you from applying here because the application/interview process is just beginning!
  2. I just got my acceptance email today from the 12/10 interview!! I'm so excited! Especially now that can tell my family good news when they question me over the holidays lol. I highly recommend applying to usciences I really fell in love during the interview day.
  3. I am also interviewing on the 10th! As to their accreditation, I believe that in March they are getting probationary accreditation. I'm not sure exactly why they lost it, but I read somewhere they there were 10 violations in 2017. That being said I know it seems risky but I've been there and the facilities are very modern and I think its worth pursuing!
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