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  1. Hello! Yes, I received confirmation emails shortly after submitting everything. I got an overall confirmation email when they received my fees about a week after I mailed the fees.
  2. Hello, I have not heard back either, and they did not specify as to when they would get back to us! Hopefully we all hear back soon
  3. I have not received anything either! I just emailed them to notify them, so hopefully we hear back soon
  4. Hello all! Is there anyone I can contact concerning admissions? I know with COVID-19 staff has been limited, but I was wondering if anyone knew where to get a hold of someone.
  5. I believe they are on rolling admission. Just got an email that said they received my application!
  6. Hello! Has anyone heard about interviews? The waiting game is so hard!
  7. Hello! I believe I got my email about a week after
  8. Hi, When I called CDU a while ago, they said that they also accept AP credit as long as the units are listed on the official transcript!
  9. Hello everybody! I am planning to apply to CDU for the 2020-2021 cycle, and I had question about the information that was listed that states: Please note that CDU accepts semester units. Quarter units must be converted to equal semester units prior to application. This will ensure you are meeting our unit requirement. I was wondering if this conversion is something that I need to do physically on CASPA or if it is for our reference so that we can make sure the units are sufficient before applying. I went to a school that uses the quarter system and have already submitted one application after transcript entry. Any guidance helps!! Thank you!
  10. Hello all! Has anybody received any acceptance calls recently? They told us that most calls would go out in March, but I'm just curious if they started to call anybody earlier. Thank you!
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