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  1. I just got accepted today. Very excited to be joining the class of 2023. I interviewed on 1/28. If someone could send me a link to the Facebook group or group me that would be awesome.
  2. I would highly recommend creating a Facebook as it allows video calls and other features. Can be used a great study tool.
  3. Hello everyone, I have gone ahead and made the Facebook group. Please find the group using this link and go ahead and join it. It is for the future class to communicate and help each other out. If you have not been accepted to the school yet please post your questions on the forum and not the group. www.facebook.com/groups/407530513786919/
  4. Anyone make the Facebook group yet? Or should I go ahead and share a link to join.
  5. I just got invited to interview last week. I applied in May.
  6. Information session I guess isn’t. But i think they take attendance. As to Casper it is required with the snapshot.
  7. Me neither I interviewed 11/6. I think with the next round of groups starting they may have pushed things back. Also the holidays.
  8. Congratulations I hope i hear back soon with some good new. Did you have to register through the signup website? if so how many timeslots did you have?
  9. When was your interview if you dont mind me asking. mine was on the 6th im super nervous.
  10. Just finished my individual interview. I can't believe how I even got this far. I'm so excited. I know the last interview on the 20 sign up spot is 11/12. So I'll be staring at my phone until I receive word. This is so surreal can't wait to meet everyone if I get in. Good luck!
  11. Was everyone asked the same question? Then round robin answer? Or was it different questions? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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