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  1. I emailed admissions saying pretty much the same thing. They emailed me back today that we should receive an invite to the fb page soon.
  2. From the interview! My acceptance is just contingent on passing biochem.
  3. Has anyone gotten into the fb group yet? I would like to see if anybody is interested in getting an apartment together!
  4. From the interview, it seemed like they set them up for us. What I got from it was that we can do rotations anywhere and they want to help us get there, so if we say we want to do one in Oregon, they will see what rotations they can set us up in in Oregon.
  5. Has anyone heard anything from their Touro email about next steps? I haven't heard anything since I paid my deposit.
  6. In the acceptance email, they said to check our touro email for info. Has anyone gotten anything to their touro email yet? Or know when accepted students day is?
  7. Undergrad School: Westminster College- BS Neuroscience and Spanish, Honors Degree Cumulative Undergrad GPA: 3.48 Science Undergrad GPA: 3.29 Age at application time: 24  GRE: V - 155 Q - 156 AWA 4.0 Healthcare experience: 3500 hours CNA on Med/Surg, Pre-Op, Post-Op, OR Research: none Volunteer: 200 hours, coaching kids soccer/ random events Extracurriculars: collegiate soccer, study abroad- Chile, Pilates teacher, nanny Shadowing: 100- mostly with one surgical PA who also wrote a letter of rec LOR: 1 from Honors College Director and professor, 1 from Ortho Surgical PA who I shadowed, 1 from NP who was nurse manager Schools Applied: 9 Application Submitted and Verified: 7/11/2019 Interview Invites: 2 Interviewed: Touro Nevada, Creighton Accepted: Touro Attempts: 1 Attending: Touro Nevada!
  8. Is there another FB group? It still says just two members...
  9. Got my email Friday as well! Yay can't wait!!
  10. I interviewed the one before you, on the 10th, and haven't heard anything! I'm starting to get so anxious!
  11. Has anyone heard back that interviewed 10/10??
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