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  1. Hi! I received an interview invite as well. They seem like an established institution and the director is experienced. I’m not too worried about the provisional accreditation status and have trust in their faculty. Definitely broaden your options though.
  2. Quick question. Is it worth applying this late in the cycle. I took a few courses over the summer to boost my sGPA and my transcripts did not finish processing until late. Should I focus my sights on programs with non-rolling admission and later deadlines? I’m also saying this because the few programs that I did apply to have not gotten back to me yet. Thank you in advance.
  3. Hi guys. I just finished taking my at home GRE test, the technical issues were astronomical. A 4 hour GRE turned into a 7, yes 7 hour exam. Lol, I’m scarred. I’m debating whether I should retake the exam, I didn’t meet my goal scores. Finished off V with a 149 (during my practice exams I never scored below a 155) and Q with a 151. I was so turned off by my experience. Based on my scores I have reached the minimum 300 that most schools look for, however do you think I should retake it to get above a 150 for the verbal? Again, I was not expecting to score so low on that section, math is typically what I struggle in. Looking forward to getting some feedback, thanks.
  4. We're in this together. Looking forward to hearing from everyone else. This will be my first time applying. It is indeed overwhelming, but I try my best to look for the silver lining. If we don't believe in ourselves, no one else will. Also, a rejection does not make you any less and should serve as motivation! Are you applying this cycle as well?
  5. Hoping someone can provide some insight. In your experience, do most schools look at pre req GPA's or sGPAs? With my cGPA and pre req GPA, I meet the minimum for most schools however, my overall sGPA falls below so I am trying to re-navigate and research more into schools that I meet the requirements for. Thank you in advance.
  6. I'm trying to figure this out myself. When I get an answer I'll let you know!
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