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  1. I just made it 2x2 on my computer and emailed it to Lori Bub.
  2. No problem! Yes just those things. It really wasn’t that bad. Good luck!
  3. Thank you! They didn’t really but it’s good to know and bring school specific things up in your answers because they like to hear that you know about the school. They take 3 of the interviewees and bring you into a room with 2 faculty members/professors and they interview you like that asking each one of you one questions at a time. Two rounds of that.
  4. Yes. I submitted my supplemental app and essay as soon as I submitted the CASPA which was around mid August.
  5. The interview wasn’t that bad at all! The worst part was having to take that pilot PA-CAT exam which was pretty terrible but it won’t count toward your acceptance/rejection. It was two rounds of interviews with two faculty members and 3 of us in the room. It was very easy and generic. Just make sure you know the core questions that will be asked at any interview and you should be fine. Good luck!
  6. Has anyone else received invites to interview for November 8th?
  7. I received an email stating that they received my supplemental application but I don’t think they ever sent one out stating that the fee was received.
  8. Hey all. I received an invite to interview email last Friday for November 8th!
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