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  1. A lot of people have heard back and been accepted. I interviewed on November 8th and got accepted November 26th. If you scroll down on the forum you see ppl who interviewed early January that also have been accepted. Good luck.
  2. When I was accepted I received a email and then received a package in the mail about a week later.
  3. I would say roughly around 25-30. I can’t say for certain because current students are a part of the group too so I can’t tell exactly.
  4. No I don’t. I see people have joined the fb group who have been accepted but I don’t recognize anyone from my interview date.
  5. Thank you! Give it some time. They usually get back to you pretty quickly. I interviewed Nov 8th and got my acceptance email on the 26th
  6. You would probably be fine if you are able to get the rest of your hours completed by the time the program starts. You could try telling Lori that and see what she says. I needed 45 more hours and told Lori that I would have them completed and I was accepted. You will need to show proof of the hours completed.
  7. How much are you missing? I am an EMT so I did my hours that way. ER tech works for hours.
  8. I interviewed November 8th and I got my acceptance by email. Happy thanksgiving!
  9. I just got my acceptance email today! I’ll definitely be accepting. Good luck to everyone!
  10. I just made it 2x2 on my computer and emailed it to Lori Bub.
  11. No problem! Yes just those things. It really wasn’t that bad. Good luck!
  12. Thank you! They didn’t really but it’s good to know and bring school specific things up in your answers because they like to hear that you know about the school. They take 3 of the interviewees and bring you into a room with 2 faculty members/professors and they interview you like that asking each one of you one questions at a time. Two rounds of that.
  13. Yes. I submitted my supplemental app and essay as soon as I submitted the CASPA which was around mid August.
  14. The interview wasn’t that bad at all! The worst part was having to take that pilot PA-CAT exam which was pretty terrible but it won’t count toward your acceptance/rejection. It was two rounds of interviews with two faculty members and 3 of us in the room. It was very easy and generic. Just make sure you know the core questions that will be asked at any interview and you should be fine. Good luck!
  15. Has anyone else received invites to interview for November 8th?
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