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  1. submitted my CASPA application FIVE months ago and just got the "we've received your application!" email! I was not supper concerned by the email saying that invitation will be sent out in November . If true, to me it just meant that I am not part of the initial group of people they would like to see. Hopefully I will get my turn "to interview as space permits" lol.
  2. finally submitted my secondary application. best of luck everyone!
  3. yes! I mentioned that I was checking this forum and I saw that some people were called yesterday. She said that some interviewers started making calls yesterday but she did not.
  4. received the "admission recommendation" to graduate school (weird way to say acceptance) call Tue, 11/19th, at 8:17am from Dr. Brubaker (my 1:1 interviewer). Interviewed 10/14. super relieved as this is my first acceptance.
  5. has anyone been pulled from the waitlist at all ?
  6. interviewed on Oct 25th and did not get accepted Congrats to all those who did!
  7. yes, I submitted my caspa application on July 10th and paid the supplementary application fee soon after.
  8. interviewed on the 21st got the invite for a secondary a couple of days ago! good luck everyone
  9. hi everyone I submitted caspa application on 07/10, received confirmation email on 10/18, and just got the sup app on 10/24! planning to submit that asap. good luck everyone
  10. Hey all, I submitted my CASPA application 07/10 and received a conformation email on 08/01. Nothing ever since tho! has anyone been invited for an interview?? or heard anything. Best of luck
  11. hi everyone, I hope your interview went well. Interviewing at Davis soon.Do you have any recommendations?
  12. @Ayalad do not be nervous. prepare for typical interview questions ( obviously know how to sell yourself and also why want to attend their program specifically). Other than that, there was an orientation, group interview 2 interviewers: 3 interviewees, tour, lunch, and a 1:1. no random group activities or anything like that, at least for my batch. Good luck
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