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  1. Thank you!! Yes, I was actually at the Virtual Office Hours Event yesterday too I agree, it was great to get a chance to connect with the faculty again and hear some updates! I did not get a chance to ask about the alternate list either unfortunately, but yes if anyone else has any information to share it would be greatly appreciated
  2. Thanks so much for sharing and for the info! I appreciate it! You are probably right about that! Congrats on getting offered a spot on the alternate list, by the way I am in the same boat! Fingers crossed we hear good news soon!
  3. Hey guys! Just wondering if anyone has been accepted from the recent interview or if anyone has been pulled off the alternate list lately? Fingers crossed for all of us!
  4. Oh wow, I did not know that! I interviewed on Friday but was told we would hear back within 1 month since they were going on break for the holidays until January 4th. But that is interesting! I have not heard anything back yet, but I would love to hear back before the holidays (as I'm sure most of us would haha) Has anyone else who interviewed this past weekend heard anything back yet?
  5. Congratulations, that is so exciting and such wonderful news!! I sent ya a private message!
  6. Just curious if anyone has received any interview invites today yet?
  7. Thank you so much for calling and letting us know the information!!
  8. I am also curious about this and wondering if anyone happens to know anything? Congratulations to everyone that have received interview invites so far and good luck to those still waiting to hear, fingers crossed and hoping we hear good news soon as well!
  9. Congratulations on getting accepted, that is so exciting!! And congrats to everyone else who has been accepted so far! Has anyone else heard anything back yet by chance?
  10. Hi everyone! I know they said we would hear back within 2 weeks but was just curious if anyone who interviewed on 11/17 has heard back yet?
  11. Has anyone heard anything lately?
  12. Keep your heads up, you guys got this I know it's hard, but try to remember that at least you made it this far and that's a huge accomplishment to be proud of! Also, to anyone that has at least gotten an interview already, would you mind sharing your stats, when you submitted your application, and the date you were offered an interview? I applied on 9/2 and am trying to be patient lol, but just want to get an idea of how often they send out interviews, etc
  13. Congratulations!! That's awesome!! I feel like I have been checking my email every 5 minutes lol. Do you mind sharing when you submitted your application and your stats?
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