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  1. Hi, I recently had an interview at Gannon for their masters portion (4/3). Does anyone know when we will hear back/ has anyone already heard? Thank you
  2. I had an interview on 4/6 and haven’t heard anything back yet. I think they went on break Wednesday because of the holiday, so I’m not sure when we will hear back.
  3. Congratulations everyone! If you don’t mind sharing, what were the names of your interviewers that called?
  4. Yes, I interviewed 11/25/19 and was accepted 1/08/20. For those who’ve been accepted, is there a group message? I see there’s a Facebook group for class of 2023, but my request is just listed as pending.
  5. I was accepted off the waitlist this past Wednesday as well. There is movement in the waitlist so good luck to everyone still waiting to hear!
  6. I interviewed but I was waitlisted... I am still in undergrad and will be graduating with my bachelors after 3 years so some of my prerequisites aren’t completed yet but here are my current stats: GPA: 3.945 Hours: over 1000 as CNA (nursing home), PCA (hospital), pharmacy tech, and community shelter volunteer awards: TriBeta National Honors Society, deans list, TA for 3 semesters, researched biofilms I know it’s still early but if there’s any movement in the waitlist, please let the forum know Hope we all make it! Happy holidays!
  7. Hi, I was waitlisted as well... I'm trying to gauge how many people are on the waitlist too. If you were waitlisted, could you please like this message? Also if you are still in undergrad, are you going to send your final grades for this semester when they come out? My email said they only needed my transcript when I graduate in May. For those who have been accepted, CONGRATS!!! Do you mind sharing when your deadline for either accepting or declining the invite is?
  8. Hi, I interviewed with Professor Wolfe. I’m not certain of the names of the other professors I interviewed with. Hope this helps!
  9. Hi, for those who have interview/ are interviewing - Does the "passport style photo" have to be an actual passport picture (so no smiling, no glasses, etc) or does it just have to be the correct size (2x2)? Thank you!
  10. Hi, congrats to all those who have had interviews or have been accepted!!! I applied extremely late (last week of September) and have not heard any notification regarding my application. I was wondering if anyone else who applied this late has heard anything. Are all the interview invites already sent?
  11. Thank you for your kind advice Are you a current student at D'Youville? Are the narrative writings handwritten and timed? Also, do you know how transfer students advance in the program? I understand that I am applying for the 2024 position, but I will be coming in with my bachelors (in biology). Do most students get to move on to the professional phase?
  12. Congrats to those who have interviewed!!! For the supplemental payment, how long after CASPA verified your application did PCOM send an email with directions for submitting the payment?
  13. Hi, I know this is an old chat, but I couldn't find any other more recent D'Youville forums. For those who have experience interviewing, could you please give an example of a narrative writing prompt you were given? Is the prompt related to a healthcare issue? I have my interview in November and I am extremely nervous. Thank you!
  14. Hi everyone, I just got an interview request and I am very excited/nervous. (I submitted my application at the end of August and believe it was verified in September). Does anyone know how the interview is or how the essay topics are? If anyone is willing to share any past experiences that would be extremely helpful, please -- Thank you!
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