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  1. I'm sorry you had to hear that way. I received my rejection letter in the mail 2 weeks ago and then received a second rejection letter (the exact same one but the timestamp 2 weeks later) yesterday. It definitely added insult to injury.
  2. I did as well. Does anyone know when they plan on doing interviews?
  3. To everyone that interviewed on 1/22: it was so great to meet you all! And thank you to @TouroCaliPA for the meet and greet the night before -- it was really great how welcoming and genuine all of the current students were. I hope to see you all in the future.
  4. I also received an interview for 1/22! Out of curiosity, did you notice how the text said they only do interviews on Mondays and Tuesdays but the 22nd is a Wednesday? I hope that's actually the right date!
  5. Hi friends, I'll be interviewing on 12/7 as well! I'm coming from San Francisco but my flight doesn't arrive until 8:45 PM. If anything changes, I'd love to meet up with everyone -- otherwise I'll see you all the next morning
  6. I believe San Rafael lost power for several days last week so I'm sure that delayed things as well. I'm definitely checking my mailbox manically though!
  7. How much advance notice did you get for the interview? I submitted my supplemental on 8/2 and have yet to hear anything.
  8. Hi everyone, I interviewed on 9/21 and have yet to hear back. Has anyone received rejection emails yet? I'm holding out hope but trying to mentally prepare myself.
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