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  1. Awe you guys the day isn't over yet it's only 9:40am!!! Keep the spark and hope alive. I know I don't know any of you personally but i love you all anyway and it will workout, keep your faith! Trust me, I know how it feels to be waiting and anxious and I also know how it feels to be rejected. You aren't in the position you are for nothing. And legit just two weeks ago, I needed to hear that. So now, I'm saying it to you and it's very true. Now go eat some breakfast and take a breath!!!
  2. Yes, I received my acceptance last night around 10pm & im from the last interview group.
  3. Hey! Are any accepted students making a fb page or anything like that? I'm going to need to make roomie arrangements!!
  4. We have another 20 minutes before the morning is over
  5. Unless all of us are just unlucky i thought they said early morning on Wednesday at the latest
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