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  1. Awe you guys the day isn't over yet it's only 9:40am!!! Keep the spark and hope alive. I know I don't know any of you personally but i love you all anyway and it will workout, keep your faith! Trust me, I know how it feels to be waiting and anxious and I also know how it feels to be rejected. You aren't in the position you are for nothing. And legit just two weeks ago, I needed to hear that. So now, I'm saying it to you and it's very true. Now go eat some breakfast and take a breath!!!
  2. Yes, I received my acceptance last night around 10pm & im from the last interview group.
  3. Hey! Are any accepted students making a fb page or anything like that? I'm going to need to make roomie arrangements!!
  4. We have another 20 minutes before the morning is over
  5. Call anonymously lmao. I think it's over though
  6. Unless all of us are just unlucky i thought they said early morning on Wednesday at the latest
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