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  1. Received my acceptance call from the 11/16 interview the night after! Very excited about the program
  2. Has anyone from the 10/19 interview or after heard anything? It has been a very anxious month of waiting!!
  3. I was a part of the first interview group and received a phone call when I was accepted! I heard back 5 days after the interview, however, now after interviewing more candidates I am sure it will take longer for them to make decisions.
  4. For sure! Message me if you have any other questions. cGPA = 3.72 sGPA = 3.59 GRE = 311 PCE = ~2,200 as a phlebotomist Volunteer = ~200 hours Research = ~150 hours
  5. Just received an interview for 10/19! I was verified on 6/10. So excited!!
  6. Myself and @PAene made a Facebook group for accepted students! Let me know if this doesn’t work but this should be the link to the group https://www.facebook.com/groups/327298361871587/?ref=share
  7. Received my interview spot on Wednesday but will be declining due to another acceptance. Hopefully someone on the waitlist will be receiving an email to fill my spot soon Goodluck everyone!!
  8. Is there a facebook group for accepted students yet? If not, would people be interested in making one!?
  9. Just got waitlisted to Glenside this morning after interviewing on 8/19. In the email it said "we are offering you a top seat on our wait list for the Glenside campus, as we are unable to accept further applications into the class at this time." Does this mean the program has extended all of their acceptances at this point? Good luck to everyone still interviewing and congrats on all the acceptances!
  10. The MMI portion is pre-recorded and not directly talking with anyone so it’s a little impersonal but definitely nothing to stress about. On the actual interview day we had a 1v1 and 2v1 personal interview where you really got a chance to talk with the faculty and feel SO welcomed to the program! The group interview isn’t as stressful as I thought it would be. There were a couple faculty members and a handful of other applicants answering questions. Overall, such a great atmosphere and no reason for nerves
  11. Hi! I applied 6/6 and received my interview invitation on 7/24
  12. I was a part of the interview yesterday and it could not have gone better! I thought the zoom format was done so well with the different breakout rooms and everyone was beyond welcoming. The individual interviews were super conversational and light. You could really tell that all of the faculty care so much about what their doing and were already treating us like their own students. Happy to answer any questions from other people interviewing here
  13. Just received my interview invite listing three dates to choose from! One in October, one in November, and one in January. I applied early June and was verified soon after.
  14. It took me exactly 6 weeks to hear back! I would just hold tight for now. Maybe next week reach out if you still haven't heard back
  15. I had my zoom interview with Arcadia on Wednesday! For anyone worried about their internet or zoom, something must have glitched on my end because it never told my interviewer I was in the waiting room. I freaked out as I was waiting for ~45 minutes and my interview time had passed and no one had gotten me out of the waiting room. I contacted the program and my interviewer and they were BEYOND understanding about the whole thing and fit me in an hour later. Internet/zoom issues were for sure my biggest fear in this process and they made it feel like no big deal!!
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