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  1. Would you guys want to start a group me in the meantime until the Facebook group is made?
  2. My best advice would be to just be yourself, know why you want to be a PA, and why you want to attend NSU - Jacksonville. Also, we were pretty much in front of the computer for 5 hours with one 10 minute break.
  3. I emailed Kandee a few hours ago and didn't get a response. Kind of glad I'm not the only one. What time are you interviewing?
  4. It was pretty easy. I liked it because she gives the assignments/quizzes at the beginning of each week and it's all due Sunday at midnight. We learned primarily from the textbook chapters and Youtube videos that the professor posts. The workload is very manageable and I learned a great deal.
  5. This is my second year applying and I am non-traditional. My degree is in criminology. I did really well in my pre-reqs after getting my degree and received 2 interviews last cycle and put on the waitlist at one school.
  6. Just curious... those of you that received interviews, are you Arizona residents? I am applying from Florida.
  7. I also got that email and I already took the CASPer and had my scores delivered. I'm thinking it was just an automated email.
  8. I would say stick with Bio and grind through it and do your best to come out with a solid GPA. I did 4 years of undergrad and got a B.S. in Criminology just to go back for 2.5 more years for my prereqs for PA school. If I had done Bio in the first place I could be a practicing PA right now (assuming I got in first cycle). Instead I am just now applying. But, there is no one path fits all route so do whatever you think you need to do.
  9. I'm taking it online this summer at Doane University. Pretty expensive though.
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