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  1. I interviewed in January and they said we'd be hearing back the first week of March once all the interviews were complete! So hopefully we will hear back by 3/6 or sooner. I know the last interview was 2/20.
  2. I called them because I was planning on leaving my luggage there if possible since I have to check out of my hotel and they said they have places for people to keep luggage and coats! I plan on bringing my coat especially since we have a tour of campus.
  3. I got an email on 1/15 offering me a spot for an interview on 1/29! I had emailed twice since November to check up on my status on the waitlist. The last email I updated them on the completion of my degree and a prerequisite as well as an addition of PCE hours, not sure if that helped or not but I’ll be attending an interview on 1/29.
  4. Bachelors in Neuroscience (December 2019) cGPA: 3.69 sGPA: 3.62 HCE: 360 Patient companion PCE: 1500 (now 2000) Nursing Home CNA, hospital PCT PA shadowing: 20 (PA in heart failure clinic) LOR: Professor, nurse manager, floor nurse, nursing home assistant director (family member of a resident) volunteer: 500 (various things)
  5. I applied this past cycle and never heard back after getting a confirmation email that my application was verified. I recently emailed them to check up on my application and they said I am on an interview wait list. I replied and gave a short update (final grades and updated experience hours) and they said they added the stats to my application and informed the committee. I'm assuming since I am still on an interview wait list their class isn't full yet.
  6. After I applied I hadn't heard back, I emailed them last week to check on my status and they said I was on a interview wait list. Just got an email saying someone canceled their interview and they want me to come interview on February 7th! Look forward to seeing you all there!
  7. Received an email today saying I was on the interview wait list. I was on at 9:30 refreshing until spots came up on Tuesday, took 30 seconds to put in my info and didn't get a spot. Anyone know how many people are on this list and if there's even a chance of getting an interview?
  8. Would you mind sharing some of your stats? I haven't heard anything back yet so I guess it could either way. Just trying to get an idea of where I stand.
  9. Very excited to say I received an interview invitation this afternoon!
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