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  1. Add NCMC to the list. I've been told by two friends of mine who both completed all their Chemistry (inorganic and organic) and Physics courses at North Central Missouri College. They said the professor is linked on this thread for those interested in contacting him. Both did say, "if you need an A in chemistry, and want to have fun while learning from an AWESOME instructor, take Grell at NCMC...no time limit, no proctored exams, and the professor will work with you with whatever you need." If I hadn't already taken these pre-reqs somewhere else, I would def look into this school. Hope this information helps ya guys out.
  2. I just wanted to tell you how awesome you are for posting this. You took the time review your experience for every class! You should get an award! I'm positive You've helped A LOT of people out with this post. Thanks!
  3. I thought I would create a thread to help all of us out with online courses. Please list any online classes that you've taken, and which school. Tell us whether they were easy, hard, expensive, etc. This should help us find schools and the courses we need without searching all over the internet. Two schools I can think off the top of my head for Biochem/Organic/ Genetics are listed below: Doane: Biochem and Organic 2 (expensive, medium difficult, and no proctored exams) Metropolitan Community College: Genetics (cheap, extremely easy, no proctored exams) And please no "you should take these classes in person" lectures. This thread is to help people who need to take courses online, and to help boost GPA.
  4. I took that course at Doane. It was an awesome experience. I was skeptical at first because I've never taken a Science course online, so I didn't know what to expect. Anyway, you basically have modules you complete each week. Each module has assignments which consist of discussion posts, worksheets, quizzes, and sometimes a lab component. The quizzes are timed, but you get like 2 hours to take it. The # of questions range from 20 to 30 if I remember correctly. There is a final, it is not proctored, and you get plenty of time to answer all the questions. Btw - everything is M/C and a few fill in the blanks. You can also work ahead if you like..just ask the teacher to open up all the assignments. I finished it all in one month. And incase you didn't notice, this place has great resources and people seem to want to help each other out, so don't be afraid to ask for it once you start taking your courses.
  5. Doane is an awesome school. The online courses will transfer, so don't worry about that. The only thing that sucks about Doane is how expensive it is.
  6. Has anyone out here recently completed this Bichem online course at Doane? Please msg me if so. Would love to ask you few questions.
  7. You took Biochem before A&P? When did you take Biochem? I'm currently enrolled in that. If you have any tips please msg me.
  8. That's weird. I was told by the professor that there is only one test in biochem (the final) 70 questions, m/c and timed. The rest of the coursework was just assignments, no quizzes, nada. Maybe they changed since you took it?
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