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  1. Hey! I am applying this cycle (2019-2020) as well. I think you definitely still have a chance of getting an invite. They are interviewing until February so you have plenty of time. It looks like they haven't sent out any more invites otherwise people would have posted about it on the other forum. I would double check to make sure you meet all of the requirements. I think as long as your stats are at or above the requirement you will be invited. Maybe call and ask when the next set of invites will be sent. Best of luck!!!
  2. did you end up contacting the school? I would like to follow up as well but don't know when it would be appropriate.
  3. They are still sending out interview invites, you will probably hear back soon!
  4. Oh wow congrats!! Nice to see so many acceptances and thanks for the words of encouragement
  5. Wow congratulations to you both!! Did you both also interview on 7/30 and 8/1? I'm wondering how they are sending out acceptances. Also if any of those accepted would like to share their stats I would appreciate that.
  6. The wait really is nerve wracking, I am so tired of checking my email. @PA2BEE101 I was told we may hear back within a few weeks from our interview but they will be interviewing until February so we may not hear back until then. You both must have been excellent candidates and were accepted early!
  7. Congratulations!! @padreamerrrr and @PA2BEE101. When did you have your interview and how long until you heard back with the acceptance? I already had my interview and I have a feeling we won't hear back with acceptances until right before the next round of interviews. good luck to everyone else
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