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  1. I'm happy to see some people accepted! I got the call from Andrea on Saturday afternoon! I interviewed on Friday. I am very excited and I liked MBKU a lot!! Can't wait to get started! Please message me if you want to chat!
  2. I am giving up my admission seat to attend a different program. This will make space for someone on the waitlist!! Good luck to all of you. It was nice to meet many of you on the interview day TUN seems like a great program!
  3. Thank you! I think so far I’ve learned to try to avoid too many generic answers. The schools where I am more open about myself is where I get accepted. One of the schools that rejected me was the one I gave all the cookie-cutter answers. Try to show them how you are unique and bring out your specific strengths! If there is something special about you or your experiences, make sure to let them know! Good luck to you!
  4. I am accepted!!!! Just got the email! I am over the moon right now!! Interviewed 11/12
  5. Hey so I actually had to reschedule my interview to the Friday December 6th at 9 am. But still, anyone who wants to meet up and get to know each other I am open to it! Also, for those of you wondering, I submitted my application in August.
  6. I received my interview invitation today! I will be going on Saturday December 7th at 9 am. I live in south Orange County so if anyone interviewing that day wants to meet up sometime to get to know each other that would be fun. Send me a message!
  7. Yes! They will send you a general schedule in an email. It is a group activity and 2 interviews. Best of luck!
  8. I would say just wear a suit, a nice blouse and nice shoes. Doesn't have to be a white shirt. I have been to one interview so far at another school. People mostly wore black or navy suits with white, black, or blue shirts. No need to take a portfolio. I brought a notebook to take notes during info sessions. I saw some people bring purses and other people didn't bring anything at all. Don't worry too much about all the small stuff!
  9. I also submitted in early August and got my interview invitation on 9/23. I’m sure there is still plenty of time! No news is good news so far
  10. I will also be flying in that day! My flight is supposed to land at 6:40pm. I'd love to meet up!
  11. I submitted my app on August 16th and just got my interview invitation yesterday. I am scheduled to go on October 31st.
  12. I will also be there on 11/12! I hope I get to meet you. I am very excited to see the school and hopefully I get in!
  13. I will be there for the interview on 10/21! I look forward to meeting you guys and hopefully we will be classmates!
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