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  1. I am scared out of my mind! I don’t want to screw this up! I feel like I’m going to either faint or blubber ahhhh
  2. K everyone post what time works best for them and we can all meet around that time....the people interested In Meeting before the Interview on the 14th
  3. For those of us interviewing on the 14th on the main campus, let’s do brunch on the 13th. We can meet at Ishtar Grill at 1:30. heres the the address: Ishtar 3300 s 725 e Millcreek City, UT 84106 Let me know who’s coming
  4. I’m going to interview on the main campus in slc.
  5. Let’s do a brunch? Cause I want to get a good night sleep the night before.
  6. Anyone interviewing on the 14th want to meet up?
  7. Did you get in last year? Was the A and P exam difficult?
  8. Awesome! Congrats! Any idea how many people are interviewed verses how many get admission? Any tips?
  9. I feel so anxious and have turned into a zombi....unable to sleep.
  10. Any idea how many people they interview? Have you heard anything back?
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