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  1. I would prefer Lincoln just because it is a closer drive for me and March 7th would be perfect!
  2. I agree! That'd be awesome. However, I would have to do it over my spring break or on a weekend as I have class Monday-Friday.
  3. I had the same question. I am living in Kearney right now and am not sure where to take the class at.
  4. I also got the acceptance email today. Interviewed November 4th as well.
  5. I got the rejection email today. Interviewed on 10/21. Good luck to everyone!
  6. I just got an interview invite today, which I thought was odd. It seems late in the cycle.
  7. Has anyone heard about early acceptance for interview on 10/21? Just curious.
  8. 144 people were offered interviews for those of you wondering.
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