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  1. Hello Pre-PA Community! I want to start off by thanking this forum for the tremendous help and wealth of information provided for my own Pre-PA journey & want to give back to the community. A little bit about myself, I was a low GPA/PCE Applicant who was able to research admission strategies that landed me an acceptance to the #1 Physician Assistant Program in the United States - Duke University. Working as a tutor & academic coach for over 5 years, I value and appreciate those who invest in their future goals and want to help them along their journey. After spending several
  2. Unfortunately was waitlisted from my 11/10 interview ! Congrats to all of those who were accepted!
  3. Hello All! I am a Pre-PA Student attending a UC school in SoCal. I hope to become a physician assistant and wanted some guidance on how good of shape I am to apply. My sGPA is a 3.4 and my cGPA is a 3.60 as a Biology B.S Student I am taking the GRE in January and expect to score around a 310 I have about 2000 Patient Contact Hours working as a Therapy Technician/Aide at a Skilled Nursing Care Facility I plan on getting 80 hours PA shadowing hours and 40 hours of Physician shadowing hours before applying. I plan on getting 5 letters of recommendation: Therap
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