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  1. Anyone else religiously checking their email/this thread? Hopefully we hear some good news soon! When I called in for an update, they mentioned that we should be hearing back in Late July/Early August (the next couple weeks!) Best of luck everybody!
  2. Does anyone know if the NHSC Scholarship will pay for your 1st semester fees (after you have paid them?). My tuition and fees are due mid July - however, from recent trends I feel like we will all be waiting until Early/Mid August to be selected as a finalist + countersignature. I received a credit check on 6/14 as well from the NHSC! Hopefully this is a good sign Best of luck everybody!
  3. Hello Pre-PA Community! I want to start off by thanking this forum for the tremendous help and wealth of information provided for my own Pre-PA journey & want to give back to the community. A little bit about myself, I was a low GPA/PCE Applicant who was able to research admission strategies that landed me an acceptance to the #1 Physician Assistant Program in the United States - Duke University. Working as a tutor & academic coach for over 5 years, I value and appreciate those who invest in their future goals and want to help them along their journey. After spending several months researching how to get into PA School on the first try, I am proud to announce I have developed a strategy that allows one to emphasize their strengths and be accepted to their top-choice schools! My Interview Rate for all my applications were 80%, and my Acceptance Rate after the Interview was 90% through implementing pre & post interview strategies that increase memorability and subsequent acceptance. While I was looking for affordable Pre-PA services such as Mock Interviews or Personal Statement Review - I found them to be VERY expensive. While working a low pay PCE job, I found it difficult to afford these essential services. I want to give back to students at an affordable price to help save money for applications (an already expensive ordeal). I have created my own Physician Assistant Mentorship Service where I will be providing the MOST AFFORDABLE services available to motivated and driven students. Please visit pathtopa.youcanbook.me to schedule any one of the services offered. These services are especially useful if you are seeking guidance to joining this amazing profession (non-traditional students) or you are a driven first time applicant who wants to an acceptance their first cycle. Additionally, with EVERY SERVICE I provide a One on One Zoom Call to ensure that my advice is 100% tailored to your needs. Please feel free to ask about any of my services or about myself! I have just opened up my availability for February so check it out & share with family and friends.
  4. Unfortunately was waitlisted from my 11/10 interview ! Congrats to all of those who were accepted!
  5. Hello All! I am a Pre-PA Student attending a UC school in SoCal. I hope to become a physician assistant and wanted some guidance on how good of shape I am to apply. My sGPA is a 3.4 and my cGPA is a 3.60 as a Biology B.S Student I am taking the GRE in January and expect to score around a 310 I have about 2000 Patient Contact Hours working as a Therapy Technician/Aide at a Skilled Nursing Care Facility I plan on getting 80 hours PA shadowing hours and 40 hours of Physician shadowing hours before applying. I plan on getting 5 letters of recommendation: Therapy Director, Physician Assistant, Physician, Biology Professor, Genetics Professor I have volunteer experience working at health clinics in Mexico (40 hours) and working as a science ambassador/tutor at elementary schools (80 hours), as well as doing a health project in an undeserved community. I also have extensive research experience: Ecology Lab (460 Hours) and Genetics Lab (400 Hours) as a paid researcher However, some things that are concerning me: I have received 3 C+ grades in Ochem 2, Ochem 3, and Biochem due to taking on too many responsibilities and not making enough time for studies (my fault completely). I plan on retaking both Ochem's as a postbac course this Spring, however I cannot do so for Biochemistry. I have also received a grade 'B' in both my lower-division Biology courses, and 1 B in Chem 2. However, I plan to finish both quarters (20+ units each) of upper division biology coursework with a 4.0 GPA, hopefully demonstrating an upward trend. If I do not get accepted this cycle, I do plan on fixing some parts of my application and reapplying the following cycle. I do not feel as if I am competitive enough, should I even apply this cycle or is it a lost cause? Please let me know! Some questions I have" What can I do to make my application stand out? How can I overcome my low GPA? What are some things that I need to finish to make myself a competitive applicant? Any general advise? How did you get into PA School with a low GPA, and which one? Thanks so much! I hope to become a PA in the future!
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