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  1. I submitted all my applications in nov/December as I was waiting on an upper level bio fall 2019 grade which in retrospect was not smart. Should’ve submitted with the it pending. But due to my submission being later, I did not get interviews until March-April and then waitlisted in May. But it seems people who apply earlier get earlier interviews. Best advice to you is to do other things to occupy your mind and not check your email an unnecessary amount. If they see you as a good applicant, you’ll get an interview and checking your email 10 times a day isn’t going to change that. However it do
  2. Thank you! It was from the Admission Coordinator Tenesha Spain.
  3. It was and still is a shock. This was my first time applying and I was waitlisted for 3 out of the 5 I applied too and kind of forgot about it and kept trudging along to apply for this next 2020-2021 cycle- like was about to resubmit my caspa next week. im excited but also have a lot of questions- orientation will probably answer all of them. Does anyone know when that is?
  4. I just got the news today that I was accepted off of the waiting list! I am thrilled but also shocked... it says they will be starting Fall 2020. I looked on the York college website and it says the first day of class August 26th? Does anyone know when orientation is and what supplies are needed?
  5. Has anyone else been second guessing their decision to apply to this school since they have started online courses? I think taking an upper level biology turned online due to COVID and not being able to ask questions “in person” and having to awkwardly interrupt the teacher followed by miscommunication and then annoyance from other students has showed me how my learning would be hindered in learning only online. There are complex systems in pathophysiology that I have questions I want to ask but can’t see to articulate through video as I could in person. Anyone else feel this way?
  6. They stated that they will continue to "review applications and make decisions" until June 1st.
  7. Thank you for letting us know. Honestly SUNY downstate has been a huge disappointment from the beginning. From forgetting my interview timeTWICE and then just not even letting me know that I was passed as an applicant. Come on, get your act together. I will not be applying to this school this coming application cycle.
  8. @FuturePA6813 yup... I’m scheduling classes this summer/fall/spring and moving forward with applications this week... haven’t heard back from SUNY (who knows if I ever will), waitlisted at York, rejections from PACE pleasantville and CSOM. Radio silence from LIU and Touro Bayshore. So looks like class of 2024 here I come!
  9. Is sunydownstate going to leave like people who got an interview hanging.... like the start of school (in three weeks) just passes and we don't even receive a rejection letter?
  10. @NENE5391 wow really? Did you speak with them after @Krist97 did on April 10th? As she was told that there last interview week was two weeks ago. So they are still doing interviews this week and next?
  11. @NENE5391 I do believe interviews are over. Also, for those who interviewed and it has been >3 weeks since interview date-- do you guys feel like if they wanted you in their class, they would've offered you an interview within a week of your interview? That is how I feel. I think if you haven't heard by now, the answer is likely a rejection.
  12. A week before the school starts?? LOL I have a full time job that requires two weeks notice......... that would be interesting. What makes you say that? I am hoping they would give us a courtesy of finalizing the class before May
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