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  1. Hello guys, I also applied early this cycle and so grateful I did not receive the message with the discrepancies, otherwise I would had an anxiety attack.... For you, please stay strong, please don't loose your hope.
  2. Hello everyone, I hope that you guys are safe I am required to take the PA-CAT test as a requisite for one of the PA schools. Can anyone share their experience regarding this test? Thank you
  3. Hello everyone, has anybody taken the PA-CAT? Can you share your experience?
  4. Hello, I didn't get an interview but here what their website states: "The College requires applicants to earn a grade of C or better in each of the following required subjects (science prerequisites must be completed by the end of the fall semester prior to matriculation):" So, basically, yes...they might offer you an interview with outstanding courses, but it can't be more than 8 credits from what I remember discussing with Sarah. Best of luck!
  5. There is a school for you. Cry, pray, watch a motivational video, go for a walk or just have a glass of wine. You deserve it, we all deserve it. This anxiousness makes us sick and does not help us in any way. I've been studying for GRE, PA-CAT, Casper exam for the last 3 months. Failed GRE twice already. I am not a native english speaker, moved here 5 years ago and find this life purpose to become a PA. I cant stop. Head up, we can do it!
  6. Hello guys, I am in the same situation with those who didn't receive an email with invitation nor rejection and just like most of you I have good stats. I just want to share with you a thought: is okay. Apply to as many schools as you can, is a difficult year and many schools don't have the same amount of applicants due to Covid (no shadowing, preceptors, community hours because of the restrictions). Also, I can't move just like most of you, but I have this idea: Do I want to be a PA student or I want to be a PA student at this particular university? You see, I want to become a PA, and I will continue to apply to other schools until I will become one. Yesterday at the grocery store the cashier talked with me randomly, and her answers give me a new perspective regarding my whole journey, anxiety and insecurities: -How are you? I answered honestly"-Not so good". She decided to tell me randomly: -" You see, if something doesn't go your way, it has to be a reason behind that, one that you might not understand now. I am a cancer survivor and I learned that there are more important things when you might die or loose everything. Just keep fighting but enjoy your life at the same time. You never know what is coming". Conclusion: Guys you are amazing, smart and brave that you applied. This is not the end, you can do it, if not here, somewhere else. Keep following your dream! Love you and stay safe. Tati
  7. same for me, (4 exactly emails) i think is just a glitch in the system
  8. Hi, I am on the same boat. After getting a low score-last year I applied to my top two schools in the area where I live-I got an rejection and an invitation for an interview. So, I didn't get a seat in either programs. Because of financial reasons, I decided to study a lil more and retake the GRE and reapply for the new cycle, hoping to stay local. This decision is based on the feedback from the rejected school and advises from accepted students. Funny enough a lot of graduate schools decided to not use GRE because of the pandemic and concerns regarding fairness of taking GRE at home. California has the most of the programs that don't require any test, you can take a look at that. But at the end of the day, is all on you. In my understanding, to retake the test is just a challenge and the victory of getting a seat this cycle will be so much sweeter !!!! Good luck!
  9. Hi, I applied last year, went to 2 days interview....After the "surprise" science test on the first day of the interview, writing part and rush during the MMI, I decided that if I won't make it I won't reapply. With that being said, I loved all the features of what the program can offer, but the structure of the interview from last year was too complex, and stressful. Nevertheless, I wish all of you good luck and be the best version of you. We can do it!
  10. Thank you for answering. The essay was on the computer or on paper? Also, did you take the PA-CAT on the interview date and on the campus?
  11. How was the interview process? Any additional testing ? Thank you for reaching out
  12. The discussion from previous cycle mentioned that they have a test, written and MMI part during the interview. Anyone that knows more details? How do you guys feel about this?
  13. I was rejected too, I was wondering if they give any feedback on your weak aspects of your application or interview. Other universities do that.
  14. Hi guys, I thought on starting a new topic for 2021
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