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  1. i am also looking for preceptors in the Charleston, SC area!
  2. Ok that doesn’t sound too bad! Im assuming it’s just that and the pilot PA-CAT exam you mentioned? Thanks for the info by the way!
  3. Did they ask a lot of school specific questions or anything tricky? Also, when you say two rounds of interviews with 3 in the room do you mean they just have you go through 2 panel interviews? Good luck by the way!
  4. Another waitlist for me very upset because I live in the area and thought the school was a great fit overall.
  5. I did and have nothing. Guess it probably is over
  6. Same here. I wonder if only accepted students get phone calls or if everyone who interviewed gets one. Does anyone know?
  7. Did you have an interview and get rejected? I had one and was waitlisted but thought they just waitlisted everyone who didn’t get a seat.
  8. I haven’t received a rejection email or a call. Not sure why. I interviewed 9/27 & 9/28. Really starting to lose hope here this cycle.
  9. I haven’t, it’s going to be exactly two weeks tomorrow.
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