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  1. It’s more likely to be you working full-time in surgery and then moonlighting/PRN in an ER when you can. Definitely do-able, especially if the positions are within the same hospital system.
  2. I'm a general surgery and urology PA and have become more interested in aesthetics, but need to work on training and experience before I make it my full time gig. A previous general surgeon SP of mine has opened a procedure and wellness clinic and has offered to let me inject there on weekends. However, I'm worried about my non-compete clause. My hospital does not offer aesthetics, but there is an affiliated FM doc who owns a medispa. I'll quote my non-compete clause below. If I perform aesthetics services within the restricted territory am I indirectly competing against an affiliate and
  3. I'm a PA who's been working in Oklahoma doing general surgery and urology at the same hospital since I graduated in May 2018. I have two concerns: 1) I finished a 1-year contract and resigned for a 3-year contract which bases my annual bonus off of RVUs (very low 1520). I recently finished the first year of this contract and I've been told the hospital doesn't know how many RVUs I've accumulated because they don't know how to calculate my RVUs from surgery. Apparently, they have always had this issue with RVU calculations for PAs (there is only one other PA working in ortho at this hospit
  4. Maverick87,

    Tried to DM you regarding joining AF or Army Reserve as a PA, but the site was saying you can’t get messages. Best way to contact you?

  5. I’m a PA in general surgery and my SP will be soon be leaving for his annual two week medical missions trip. We will have a locums in to cover him for the duration he’s gone... Would this locums need to sign as a sort of temp SP for me to scrub with him? Is there some kind of exception with locums that allows PAs to work without all the signatures?
  6. Tried to post this once and I don’t think it posted - apologies for duplicates. I’m in a bit of a complicated situation. I’ve been up for contract renegotiation since July after a year with a hospital based multi specialty surgical group. I was originally hired as the first and only PA for two generals, a urologist and a GI. One general and the GI opted not to use me, so I split my time almost evenly between general surgery and urology in both clinic and OR. CURRENT CONTRACT DETAILS: Oklahoma, full time 10 days call/month, $105k salary, $2500 and 3 days CME, 26 days PTO including
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