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  1. I’m still on the waitlist and checking my phone for calls/emails. it’s just become a habit now, lol. Still hoping and praying for a spot in the program with you amazing gals ( and guys)! For those of you still waiting to hear something back, I know it’s so stressful; hold tight and breathe! There is still a LONG ways to go! Remember the cycle doesn’t close for a couple more months and they stated they could possibly still be contacting people for positions in December. I’m definitely learning patience. I hope the next round of interviews go well for everyone! Also, where my Tennessee people ?!?!
  2. Good luck to everyone waiting to hear on interview invited this week! I know the wait is so tough! Hold tight, there’s a lot more to come for you!
  3. Oh goodness! So are there others that interviewed that have still not heard on a decision? I know the wait for me has been tough, but hearing I have been wait listed has had its pros and cons! So the waiting and hoping continues! Who has not herd anything that has interviewed? Hopefully those who have submitted and are just waiting will hear something next week! In the PA Platform interview from earlier they stated they had received an overwhelming number of applications already, so I'm sure they are slammed with reviewing! Hope everyone has a great weekend!
  4. feel free to find me on instagram @jlnisbett or fb jennifer nisbett. The more support, the better!!
  5. I’m not sure about denials, just know that several got their waitlist emails today.
  6. I feel like after they get all the waitlist and denials done this week, they will proceed with offering interviews for the next round. Id maybe be looking out for the emails next week! Good luck to you!
  7. I also got a waitlist email. It is definitely better than not getting in, so Ill take it! Looks like Ill still be waiting by my phone for a possible call! One day at a time, there is still hope for us on the waitlist! Keep the faith, hopefully we can all be in this amazing class together. Looking forward to keeping up with this forum to see who else will be in the program. Yale is blessed to have such an amazing group!
  8. I am feeling for all of you (us) that are still waiting to hear back. Knowing that people have already gotten acceptance calls is exciting and nerve wracking, to say the least! I even brought my phone to the shower in case I got a call . The waiting is exhausting, but I still have a glimmer of hope, just because I know I am a great healthcare provider, but I’m just hoping they’re able to see it also. This is my only school I planned on applying to since there are no schools close to me, and I have absolutely busted my tail the last year working on shadowing, prerequisites, etc, just like I know so many of you have! Hopefully they see this in us, too!! I have no clue if they have done all of their acceptance calls for this interview round but I’m praying they will do more!! Just keep hanging on and being hopeful!!!
  9. Ahh, I can’t sleep! I can’t help but wonder if they’ve called all the ones already they are accepting from the first round of interviews....
  10. Y’all!! I’m so excited for all of you getting calls tonight!! My heart is racing!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!
  11. Not yet, sister! I’m hoping and praying since I saw your post! I’m so excited for you! I can’t imagine how over the moon you are feeling right now!!! Hey wonder how many they called tonight and if they will continue acceptance calls tomorrow? Wonder how many they are accepting this round of calls? All the questions going through my head right now!
  12. Yes definitely rely directly on admissions. I know they told me 2-3 weeks after interviews which would be this week. After going through last years online forum I realized their application process opened earlier so some had interviews in late May but another said they made calls the 13-15 of June also. Definitely different variables this year, but I just wanted to browse around and see what happened last year Just a speculation and comparison to last year, not at all saying that’s when our would be, but hoping sooooon!!!! Meanwhile, I’m reading Anxious for Nothing by Max Lucado and my amazon cart currently has a stress ball, pooper scooper, yoga pants, toothpaste, floss, and a drink tumbler, lol. I’m constantly adding and deleting to stay busy, just haven’t clicked “checkout” yet
  13. I'm not liking the sound of these crickets!! lol ahhhh!!! I was almost afraid to check this site! I know we are all on pins and needles! Hang in there, everyone! We may be waiting till next week!!
  14. This is amazing!!!!! All my Pinterest crafts have been major fails! I’m not crafty/artistic at all
  15. Its bad!!lol, so , acceptances on a Tuesday, waitlists Wednesday then denials that Friday. The next week they began sending out the second round of interview invites. Ive got to get off here!!!
  16. Not to freak anyone out but I went back on last years forum ( I know, don't judge me! ) to see what day of the week acceptance calls went out. It was on a Tuesday!!! This may not mean a thing for this year, but I was curious! It looks as though acceptance calls went out first then a few days later the denials went out. Could be totally different this time around, just wanted to throw that out there!!
  17. I've also been wondering how late in the day they would call! My phone has not left my side! I'm also thinking, "heck, they probably wont even be making phone calls until next week and here I am obsessively waiting!" lol Like my fiance reminded me earlier, we have done all that we can do, worrying will not change a thing, stay hopeful and positive but dont obsess and stress. Youll get an answer either way, and worrying wont change it. Still holding onto my phone though
  18. Prayers going up tonight for everyone waiting to hear back this week! I know this is an important week for so many of us. I’m hoping we will all get some amazing news! I should be asleep but I cannot quit thinking about it! Nervous, excited, hopeful... all the emotions!! Hope you all have a great week!!
  19. It is definitely NOT too late in the game for an interview! There has only been one round of interviews sent out and Im sure there will be several more throughout the cycle! Even though you did not meet priority deadline you are still applying early. There are (probably) 60-something seats and none of them have been filled. It will probably just take a little longer to get verified and for them to go through the apps that are now coming in. Stay positive!!
  20. I'm not sure what to do with myself now, either! I've spent every free minute with my nose in the books, finishing prereqs, working on supplementals, shadowing, etc. Now Im sitting here like Ricky Bobby wondering what I should do with my hands, lol!. I do like looking at different medical journals and keeping up with new meds, research, etc., so that helps pass the time. But I know, though, that all this hard work will pay off and I have done everything I absolutely could have this past year to be the best applicant, and Im not looking back wishing I could have/should have done better somewhere. I have been making good use of my time by helping out others with application/CASPA questions on fb posts. I have enjoyed it! I know I was one who definitely had allll the questions at one time so its been nice helping others with the same questions I once had.
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