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  1. Has anyone who was waitlisted heard anything/had an acceptance?
  2. @popup123, have you checked in with your advisor? I would send them an email inquiring about your status if you have not already.
  3. I'm so sorry! Keep your chin up, this is not the end of your journey! I know you feel defeated, but just let this be the fuel to your fire! Good luck!!
  4. Did you all interview and are still waiting to hear something?
  5. Also on the waitlist and received the same email last week. I’m not sure if anyone who interviewed got rejections, I feel like it was either an acceptance or waitlist. Not positive on that, though. I got a waitlist email a couple days after the call went out to those accepted.
  6. I feel like there were less than that in the first one-maybe around 50?
  7. That’s a great question! I have not heard from anyone that was interviewed and rejected, but several interviewed and waitlisted. I wish I knew!
  8. I had Grace as a counselor; she was amazing! Just a little heads up, the first calls for acceptances happened in the evening, mostly between 5-9, if Im not mistaken, and I believe they were all done on the same night. I am in no way saying they will do the same this time, but that has been my experience. :):) I know the wait is rough, just breathe!
  9. I’m so incredibly sorry to all who have received the rejection emails today; I know it’s a gut punch. Don’t give up, don’t ever give up! Set your eyes on your goal and you’ll get there! Best of luck to you all (us) on this journey to be amazing healthcare providers!
  10. Oh, @DelaneyR44 I’m so sorry! I know you were so hopeful after doing so well this past year! I have heard they have an overwhelming number of applicants, and I’m sure it’s been tough on decisions. Don’t give up, we are all in this to be future PA-Cs!!
  11. Too sweet (and funny!), @alvarn! I appreciate the positive thoughts!!! If (when!) I get in, I’m definitely getting this!
  12. Oh. My. Gosh!! This is too funny I think I’m going to have to get this. But then again, it may just be a horrible reminder of my epic screw up in my interview, ya know, the phrase that may have cost me my future . Also a good reminder to laugh at the things we cannot change. Thank you for posting this, I needed that laugh!
  13. This is too funny!! Im glad you shared! I did something silly in my interview, and Im going to advise no one else do this, because I got waitlisted, lol So Im from Tennessee, and we use a lot of weird sayings around here; it seems like a lot of them have to do with food too, lol, imagine that. I was in the middle of my interview (nervous, sweating, rambling on- Im the WORST interviewer) and out popped the phrase, "youve got to risk it! Risk it for the biscuit!" And I immediately cringed, and he said, oh my, you ARE from the south, arent you?!?! Then he made fun of me. Yall!! Take my advice, dont do it!! lol! I mean, I definitely let my true, talkative self show, but gosh, for a Yale interview?!? Totally feel like I blew it. I'm still hoping they go back and look and remember me in a positive way if they accept wait listers. So, be YOU, let your personality show, but not toooo much!!! I just have to laugh about it now. I would change so much about my interviews if I could, but, it is what it is! Good luck this week to all interviewing!!! Jennifer
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