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  1. I also got a call from Jane today after being on the waitlist since June! I am so extremely grateful to be part of this cohort! Y’all, you just never know. Don’t give up hope!
  2. I just wanted to say a huge congratulations on everyone who was accepted this cycle! I know each of you worked so hard to get where you are, and I wish you the best of luck in school and in your future as a PA! I have enjoyed checking this page (almost daily) since May and have met some wonderful people through this forum! For all of us sitting on the waitlist: I know it has been so stressful, emotional and nerve-wracking waiting months on a possible call. Don’t give up hope. Learn from your interviews and feedback everyone has given. They saw something special in us to offer us an interview.
  3. Definitely driving myself crazy over here Hopefully someone from the waitlist will have to opportunity to be part of this amazing program!
  4. Congratulations to you! I saw where you have been accepted to multiple schools, that is amazing! Do you think you will accept the seat at Yale?
  5. I received an email this morning asking if I wanted to keep my spot on the waitlist. This is all I’ve heard from them. Such a rollercoaster of emotions! I know they will make acceptance calls next week for the last round of interviews, but it looks like all seats are almost full. Still hopeful for pulling a few off the waitlist...
  6. Those are impressive stats!! Well deserved! That is one thing that is tough now that I’m older and have 4 kiddos; they and my full time job take up most of my time but I help run volunteer free dental days and habitat for humanity in my area. I will be trying to get a MA job for different patient care hours, which is about. $20/hour pay cut from my current job, but I’m hoping the experience pays off.
  7. Just received my denial letter. They made a list of common reasons why one may receive denials; gpa lower than 3.0, incomplete application, no 300 level coursework, not enough pce, no preceptor, etc. I excelled in every aspect but still no interview invite. Not sure how I can improve my application for next year but I will be working on it! I’m sure UND is a wonderful school but I have been less than impressed with their communication, info, etc. It seems they’ve had a lapse in communication with many people, fluke emails being sent, lag time in responses, hard to find info on the website, etc
  8. Will there be another round of interviews after this one? Wondering if this is the last one...I feel like they had an extra week or two of interviews this round.
  9. Congrats on the acceptance! I say go where you get accepted! Weigh out pros and cons of both schools, look at cost, time, rotations, areas you may want to specialize in, how your interviews went (personality of professors, etc) and how you think you’ll fit into the program of each. That’s awesome you’ve already gotten accepted; is there a deadline you’ve got to let them know by? Good luck making your decision!
  10. There are currently 57 in the Facebook group, however, there could be a couple more/less already accepted. I believe someone stated earlier there are a couple instructors or students from earlier cohorts in the Fb group as well.
  11. I feel your frustrations! 3.6 GPA, 4.0 prereq GPA, (Graduated in 2008, retook stats, ap1 and 2, genetics and biochem since they were past seven years-4.0 gpa last 20 credits...) over 25,000 PCE, applied with preceptor in rural area, several leadership and volunteer roles, shadowing experiences, etc. I'm also limited as to where I can go since I'm older and have a family I cannot uproot. Yale are UND were my only options. I know someone mentioned Wisconsin-Madison, Ill have to check into that! You all sound great; don't let a denial from one program make you feel like you're not good enough! Wh
  12. Yes when I called last week the woman I spoke with said all interview invites went out and I needed to email Admissions. An email from admissions stated they are still sending out invites. I guess no news is still good news? I would think more people from the forum would be receiving invites. I feel like not many were offered, but I could be way off also.
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