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  1. On October 6th at 4:00 PM EST, EVMS students will be holding a virtual Pre-PA Q&A forum for PA week. PA-S from didactic and clinical years, as well as our program director, will be there to answer your questions about their journey to becoming a PA. We will also have a student there who has accepted a Navy HSCP scholarship that can give further insight into that opportunity. We're excited to lend any advice we can to you, our future colleagues! https://evms-edu.zoom.us/j/93152320253
  2. You'll most likely have one just for your class, and one with the class above. I believe some current students in your class already made a page
  3. No sign up required, just login to the zoom link at the start time tomorrow at 3pm EST. It's open for any PrePA. The link was posted some comments back.
  4. The q&a on July 8th is completely separate from the interview process. It's for any prepa, not just for those that applied to evms. I hope that clears it up.
  5. Hello everyone, I hope those of you that received interview invites are excited, and I offer my sentiments to those that did not. A few current students are going to be offering a virtual Q&A session on July 8th, 2021 at 3:00 PM EST. This session is SEPERATE from interveiws and will have nothing to do with the selection process. We will introduce ourselves, talk about why PA school, our acceptance journey, and how we're doing now. This won't be a good resource for what questions to expect in the interview, but it will give a better insight into some of the students that were once in your shoes. Link is below, happy July to everyone! https://evms-edu.zoom.us/j/94237011685
  6. Be yourself. It's really cliche but it holds a lot of truth. I remember I shared a story about how I always help people who look like their struggling to carry groceries out to their car. Immediatly after I worried that it was too simple/silly and that I should have come up with a better example - it ended fine obviously. It can be helpful to prepare some stories/experiences beforehand for different questions you might expect. Good luck!
  7. The Q&A is completely seperate from the interview process. It is a student ran event to answer questions for pre-PA applicants. I'll post a link probably the week of.
  8. I think it will be almost an absolute requirement unless you have some kind of medical condition or something like that, don't quote me on that. With the school wanting to get back to in-class learning, I can't see how someone could participate as easily without the vaccine.
  9. Vaccinated individuals no longer have to wear masks or socially distance inside buildings, unless a patient encounter is involved. This may not be true for labs, but for classrooms and general spaces where there are no patients it is.
  10. It would probably be hard to volunteer during clinical year, but I would say it is doable. The clinic is held on Thursdays. First semester you can only volunteer as an admin or in a nonclinical position (front desk, continuity coordinator, etc.). Once you hit 2nd and 3rd semester, a PA can volunteer as a Jr. clinician working with a Sr. clinician to see patients. PAs can volunteer as Sr. clinicians during their Clinical year. There is a Spanish opportunity but I am not sure if its a class, a volunteer opportunity, or both.
  11. It does appear that interviews will be virtual. Despite our recent changes for vaccinated individuals, I don't think they want to move into in-person interviewing yet. We'll be doing virtual mentor breakout rooms between interviews so I'm guessing it will almost certainly be online. Even during COVID, the cadaver and SCSIL labs are both in-person so you will not be studying on virtual cadavers. @mxray described it well. PS. If she is still there next year, the anatomy professor is great and you'll love her.
  12. Current student, accepted last year. We're excited to meet (virtually) the new interviewees. I'd like to answer questions for anyone waiting for an interview, but as you might realize my time is very pre-occupied with school. That said, I want to offer some insight if I can. Feel free to ask about more than just interviews too. Could be about anything like our cadaver lab, covid policies, or our school's free clinic. I may not have answers to everything, but I'll do my best. We plan to have a Q&A session for pre-PA applicants on July 8th. It will be open for anyone, not just interviewees. We'll be answering questions and talking about our experiences getting into PA school and attending EVMS. I would like to see some of you there and meet you (again virtually unfortunately).
  13. Mine still says "Deposit Now" but tells me I already made an earlier transaction when I try to deposit again. I'm sure once it goes through we'll get the background check link. PS I made a facebook group if anyone would like to join. Link below. Excited to talk to you all. https://www.facebook.com/groups/562603614409203
  14. My home page says "Congratulations On Your Acceptance To The Physician Assistant, MPA Program"
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