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  1. Mine still says "Deposit Now" but tells me I already made an earlier transaction when I try to deposit again. I'm sure once it goes through we'll get the background check link. PS I made a facebook group if anyone would like to join. Link below. Excited to talk to you all. https://www.facebook.com/groups/562603614409203
  2. My home page says "Congratulations On Your Acceptance To The Physician Assistant, MPA Program"
  3. Based on everything from previous years I would say we'll either hear back the 24th, 27th, or 28th at the latest. A week or less at this point. We all got this!
  4. Same. I've kinda given up on DeSales at this point.
  5. Maybe it's optimistic, but I think we might hear back this Friday! I'll bet a drink on it! Who knows. Otherwise really pumped, hope this will finally be my chance! Going back and forth between excitement and nervousness is doing wonders for my heart rate. PS: I hear the final decisions are made on points, from a combination of your application and interview. I'm guessing about ~170 were interviewed, based off the number I saw during my session. I imagine about 85 invites will go out. Same odds as a coin flip. Me: Second year applicant. Good luck everyone! Stay safe
  6. Good luck to everyone interviewing this week! The faculty and interviewers are really nice and want you to be relaxed. I thought it was a great experience. Hope we hear back next week, but they did leave themselves some room by saying "up to 2-3 weeks".
  7. Just received email that my application has passed the initial screening and is moving on to faculty review.
  8. I applied early May, so I'm assuming rejection now lol. I think June still has some time. Full steam ahead!
  9. Congrats. Applied may 18th and haven't heard anything, may be a bad sign. Good luck to everyone.
  10. Got rejected after interview. Turn around was pretty quick, which I appreciate. For those interviewing in the future, the group interview is awesome, you'll definitely enjoy it. For the panel interview, be yourself, but tread carefully when it comes to your personality and academics. I suggest reviewing your transcripts and having a prepared answer for any discrepancy. I wish everyone luck! Feel free to PM me if you want to talk further about it, fair warning I may be slow to respond.
  11. As far as I know, there is no supplemental fee. There are additional questions to answer on their CASPA "Program Materials" though.
  12. Confirmation email was in my spam folder as well.
  13. Got an interview invite. We were given multiple days in July to choose from. I am a first time applicant.
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