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  1. That's what I hear. You should be able to join the facebook group. Current students say it's online right now.
  2. Yeah I decided not to do the supplemental. Sounds like they are doing another interview on 1/22, but I decided to go with the school I have already been accepted to since I like the location better. I bet if you're really interested in this school, it's not too late to submit and hope for an invite for the 1/22 interview!
  3. Just received an invitation to submit a supplemental. I was shocked, because I thought this program would have filled their seats already. I've been accepted elsewhere, but I'm interested in this program because of the joint MPH. Can any students who have interviewed already provide a quick run down of what they thought of the program? Also what is involved in the supplemental? Thank you!
  4. Have you joined the Facebook group yet for accepted students? I bet you'll get more response if you post in the merged group with current students. I also have many of the same questions!
  5. If you haven't already, I would suggest joining the Facebook group, Pacific University PA Class of 2022. I think there are others looking for roommates as well. Congrats on the acceptance!
  6. I got an interview invite today for the November 9 date. So I am assuming that slots open up as people decline/cancel their interview since I wasn't initially sent an invite. So don't give up hope! I was shocked to get the invite since I also thought they were done sending invites!
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