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  1. I would argue that not one part of the application is more important than another, but they do highly value community service and health care experience. BUT with that being said, they want people who are service driven, so if you don't genuinely enjoy community service or working with underserved/rural populations than Emory might not be the best fit.
  2. Does anyone know why there is still so few acceptances? I was accepted after the first interview round 10/4 but there are still only 5 or 6 people in the accepted face book group. I wonder why they spread the interviews out so much as many people have likely already been accepted elsewhere.
  3. I also am found out today that I am on the wait list. Anyone know how may are on the list? I asked Jess about wait list rankings, in which she said there were no rankings, all of the wait listed people were a pool that gets drawn from.
  4. I got accepted, but will be declining my invitation. Don't give up hope! Good luck to everyone!
  5. Do you know how many typically get pulled from the wait list in the past?
  6. They told us that they will be making final decisions next week and that we were the last interview group.
  7. The one that initially chose duke said that the only reason that she chose it was due to cost. But again, everyone has their own preferences when it comes to PA school! Just because one person loved a program doesn't mean that you will or vise versa. Go with your gut!
  8. also, the male mentioned above that mentioned his struggles is apart of the first class at Stanford after it switched to a Masters program, i.e. lots of bumps in the road to hammer out with a completely different program. With that being said, it appears as though every class after has had a more enjoyable and less stressful experience.
  9. I felt as though only the one 3rd year guy in rotations was very honest about his struggles in PA school. I think that it would be a lie if anyone in any PA school thought it was all rainbows and butterflies. On the other hand, I felt as though the staff and the students genuinely were very happy that they were a part of Stanford's program and the support, resources, and opportunities provided. In my opinion, the only negative thing that was discussed was the cost. There are plenty of scholarship/work opportunities to help counter act this though. Ultimately, if you did not like the feel of the program then I would encourage you to explore other routes that would suit your wants/needs better.
  10. I have an interview on 10/21. I will be flying in saturday night. If anyone wants to meet up and hike or something let me know!
  11. @Here4thePArty @futurepastudent4 glad I'm not the only one! Hopefully we will hear back soon!
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