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  1. Yep! The class size will be 60 students. Additionally, while I don't recommend betting on coming off the waitlist, we have hand a handful of accepted students rescind their acceptance in order to attend other schools... so, it's not impossible.
  2. Yep! Though we're mostly active on GroupMe. I sent you a PM.
  3. Hey everybody, For those of you still waiting on a letter of acceptance, hang tight and stay positive. Those of us who have already been offered acceptance have connected, and from what I see there are still plenty of empty seats. Plus, as always, there will be more letters of acceptance in the end than seats, since some students will choose to forfeit their seat. To be completely transparent, those of us who have been accepted have just been offered a revised letter of acceptance due to some schedule changes made to all Pitt programs. If I had to guess, this probably caused some de
  4. Ahahaha, Thanks Aya. I already reached out through a DM.
  5. I also got invited to interview the 26th! Does anyone know where is best to get more information on the program? Their website is pretty sparse.
  6. Truthfully, I don't remember specifics. But I remember them being ethical questions and not the typical "why do you want to be a PA"
  7. Sure thing! Expect to be in a "room" with 4 other students and 2-3 faculty members. A question will be posed to the group and you'll have the chance to answer and reflect on other interviewee's answers. The faculty was very hands off in their moderating of the discussion, but thankfully the interviewees were very respectful and let everyone answer once before returning to reflect on what was said. That being said the interviewers would bring the conversation to a halt if time was of concern. Is there anything specific you wanted to know?
  8. I’m waiting for log in information so I can The acceptance letter said we should get it in ~72 hours
  9. I also just got a letter of acceptance! So much sooner than expected too! Looking forward to seeing many more posts about you all being accepted on here.
  10. To all who are interviewing tomorrow, I just wanted to wish you the best of luck! ...and to remind you to get a good nights sleep.
  11. I’ve never been happier to be wrong, haha. I must have got another school switched in my mind.
  12. I hope that’s the case! Please, let me know if I’m wrong, lol.
  13. They said "3-4 weeks during the Q&A," and from last years thread it sounds like they send out acceptance e-mails closer to the 4 week mark. Fingers crossed they don't make us wait, though.
  14. Hey, I'd be happy to see each and every one of you get accepted. Fingers crossed for that class of 100
  15. Well, thankfully that's why they stagger their interviews and have a waitlist. I don't think anyone should ever worry about a class being "overfilled."
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