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  1. We won't hear back until 2 weeks from now. It was really good, faculty are super nice and a comfortable environment. Really enjoyed my time there. We started off by doing group activities that test your communication and team work skills. We then had a writing prompt which was personal. Lastly, the two one-on-one interviews. Tour and lunch was in between.
  2. Same thing happened to me, I was so shocked!!! I opened it exactly at 3:00pm and as soon as I wanted to choose my date at like 3:02, it was all gone. And nope I didn't get an email. How are they going to invite so many people for interviews but not have enough seats? Are there any interview spots in December? Oh well hopefully we can secure a spot next semester!!!
  3. Were both 10 minute interviews a traditional interview? and also can you give more information about the paper, was it opinionated?
  4. I did see that last two cycles of this program only have 4 seats open because they accept majority of their undergrad students in the 5 year program. I was wondering if that's the case for this cycle?
  5. does anybody know what kind of interview they have?
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