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  1. Hey Everyone! I made a facebook group for fall 2020 accepted students to communicate, here is the link! If you know anyone else who has been offered a seat please send it to the as well! https://www.facebook.com/groups/486658995310667/
  2. I believe the October interview are tomorrow and when they make decisions on those candidates they will re-review the remaining September people and make more decisions, I don't know exactly what they do but that would make sense to me
  3. Today is Yom Kippur, I don't think they sent out anything today.
  4. I'm very confidant that they haven't contacted anyone yet. There haven't been any acceptances or denials from what we can tell and there is a very low chance that we are all wait listed. They did tell us 10 days and that would have been Tuesday and if it was 10 business days that would be today, but timelines don't always go as planned and things happen, for instance the Jewish holiday at the beginning of the week may have delayed the process a bit. Hopefully we hear back at the beginning of next week but I think all hope is lost for this one. But yes the anticipation is killing me too and my heart skips a beat at every phone ring I hear and every email that pops up on my phone. We're in the together! Sending positive thoughts to all of you!
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