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  1. I received a generic email with no percentile. wondering if that's a bad sign
  2. Received a rejection email today. Good luck to everyone else!
  3. Applied mid may and also haven't heard back
  4. I've heard from multiple sources saying that they actually take a decent amount of waitlisted individuals. A current PA student told me half her class was from the waitlist. I'm also waitlisted so crossing my fingers for us!
  5. Our interview day started at 730am CST and went til around or a little after 12 noon. They state that the latest they'll go til is 1pm CST. Hope this helps!
  6. Got waitlisted today from 10/28 interview
  7. I got the email about my app being held for further review on 8/11 and haven't heard back since
  8. I was confirmed on 5/20 and no interview or rejection so far
  9. I was verified around the same time and haven't heard anything either.
  10. I also submitted around that time and haven't heard anything
  11. You can still send your results to the school after taking it by adding a new distribution
  12. Got confirmed back in May and still nothing
  13. I was verified by rush on 5/22 and still havent gotten anything other than clarifying a pre req
  14. Just got an email stating that my application is still being held for further review! I'm still hanging on I guess
  15. I would do it anyway! Even if interviews are full, not everyone will get a seat or they may even give up their seat. You never know!
  16. Congrats! Did you prep for your interview? What resources did you use?
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