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  1. How long does it typically take to receive the acceptance email after the phone call??
  2. Any advice for the interview? Just wondering the style of interview and if there is anything in particular I should know?
  3. What this say in the email that you think you were waitlisted ?
  4. Can someone relay some information regarding the style of interview questions?
  5. So, i have had 3 interviews thus far and each of them asked me, If you don't get accepted what do you plan to do for next cycle? Is this a common question to be asked / is it a bad sign????? I am nervous they ask because they will prob deny me.
  6. Did only the New Jersey campus send out interviews?
  7. Do they only have 3 interview dates? I feel like 44 people in one interview date is a lot!
  8. Anyone still on the interview waitlist that hasn't heard anything back?
  9. It doesnt look like it. I think they offer very little acceptances in the beginning and most go on a waitlist
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