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  1. Got accepted yesterday after being waitlisted! Extremely happy! Good luck to everyone I tried to join the fb group but haven’t been approved yet, if someone can help!
  2. Hey i interviewed last Friday and received an email from faculty member about a portfolio today. Does anyone knows what does that mean? And is this any good news? And people who got this portfolio email, were you accepted after? TIA
  3. I was sent an interview invitation today. Very excited! Can someone share some information about their interview experience. TIA
  4. What can i do to get out of the waitlist and get accepted?
  5. If you don’t mind what does the waitlist email states. I received a wait-list-conditional email and i’m not sure if it is the same.
  6. I didn’t get a chance to get my interviewers emails to thank them. Would it be appropriate to call the admission office and ask for their emails? as they were really very nice and made the interview go very smoothly
  7. Received an interview invitation today! Any tips for the interview?
  8. Got this email today. Hopefully some good news on the way! Anyone else got this email?
  9. When did you receive the email for the 3rd step review if you don’t mind?
  10. bachelors in Physics GPA 3.6 SGPA 3.4 PC experience 1400 hours As a phlebotomist Shadowing 200 hours Community Service 325 hours And a reapplicant good luck to everyone
  11. This is what they sent me when asked about confirmation email!
  12. Submitted 5/31 and can’t wait to hear from them!
  13. Last year I received it once it was verified, but this year i got verified last week and haven’t received anything yet!
  14. You’re not alone! I haven’t heard anything from any school i applied for. I’m an average applicant too. It feels like I’m not too bad to be declined but not too good to be interviewed lol!
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