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  1. Thank you. It was from 336 area code. I believe everyone got the call from same area code from Jane. I am not sure about the class being full yet. They didn't say anything about that. I understand how you must be feeling while waiting. But, best wishes!!!
  2. Hi Everyone, I got the call this afternoon from Jane that I have been taken off of waitlist and offered a spot for the class of 2023. Very excited to join the wonderful people in this cohort. For those who were waitlisted and denied, I understand the feeling of waiting. I wish you all the best and best wishes. You have come along so far and you will be exactly where you are meant to be
  3. Did anyone that are on the waitlist hear anything since we have potentially a vacant spot lol? Being hopeful.
  4. Thank you so much for providing an insight. Not asking for the specifics of an interview, but was it a MMI scenario based interview or more of a general personal interview? Please don't feel pressure to answer though if you think it is not fair.
  5. Thanks for the encouragement. I know they can only fill 72 seats. We gave our best shot. Although the chance is slim, let's hope for the positive. Update: Just got an email and waitlisted. Idk how to react in this. But, I am extremely grateful for the opportunity I have got through this process and also for the supportive people in this forum.
  6. Thanks for the encouragement. I know they can only fill 72 seats. We gave our best shot. Although the chance is slim, let's hope for the positive.
  7. I interviewed second week of October as well and hasn't got a call or email yet. Congratulations to everyone that has been accepted and best wishes for others who have been waitlisted/ rejected to continue to work on your dream of becoming a great PA. This forum is really so supportive.
  8. Got my interview invite as well and scheduled it for November 14. Best wishes to everyone interviewing. For those who interviewed on 10/28, hope it went really well. Any surprises?
  9. Thank you. I also talked to Meghan from admissions. She told me that they are working on setting up a virtual mode for the interviews and we should hear back from them within the next 3 weeks. Basically, the same as what they told you.
  10. Mine was verified yesterday. Best wishes to everyone!
  11. Hi Sdebar, I am planning to apply for 2021 cycle. I saw that you were wait-listed. Did you apply again? When you applied, have you completed most of the science courses? I am asking because since Dyouville has rolling admission, I want to apply early like in May or early June? But again, I want to finish all the science courses before I apply? So, wondering if it would be wise to finish all the science courses by end of Summer and apply around Mid-August.
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