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  1. I received an invite for October 6th!! Has anyone who also received an invite heard anything about the format of the interview? I haven't received an email back about it
  2. OMG congrats guys! I interviewed 3/20 and I am still waiting to hear something!
  3. Checking my email every 5 seconds... Still nothing... Fingers crossed!!
  4. Thanks guys! I emailed another contact and they responded right away! My interview is in the morning! Kinda nervous!
  5. What do you think is the best point of contact? I have emailed PA admissions directly and Ms. Azor in the past two weeks without a response.
  6. Has anyone who received an interview invite before this crisis not heard about when their virtual interview will be? I’m still waiting to hear back. My in-person interview was supposed to be 3/20.
  7. Hope the interviews went well! Does anyone know if they are still holding interviews on Friday 3/20?
  8. Ok, well no one has responded to my email regarding a flight from North Carolina. Will you guys let me know how tomorrow goes? I am trying to decide if I should buy ticket or not. I am VERY excited about this school. I would hate to miss such an opportunity due to COVID-19. I would also hate to have to miss work due to the requirement of being self quarantined for 2 weeks after travel
  9. Just got an interview for next week! I am from NC and work at UNC medical center and with the virus I am really not supposed to travel. I am hoping they will work something out. Does anyone know a breakdown of the cost for tuition and living expenses? Also, the email says class of 2023 which confuses me because there is only 7 semesters.
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