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  1. I think I’m in the first interview group on Friday. I got the itinerary and it seems pretty strait forward. I interviewed at RVU last year as well and it was very much get to know you, pretty laid back, actually a great experience. Good luck!
  2. I did not take it and got my interview. It’s up to you, personally I felt my application was pretty strong without it but it’s your call. However it’s getting closer to those deadlines and if you haven’t started studying yet I would probably submit earlier rather than take it and wait! Best of luck
  3. Science GPA: 3.64, 4,000 hours HCE, was 200 shadowing and 300 volunteer and I’m very fortunate to be a good writer so I think my essay got me an interview honestly. However, in all honesty I got 5 interviews last year and 0 acceptance. I had some delusion that I could walk into an interview and wing it with no prep and that method failed me 5 times. This year I read all of savannah Perry’s prep material for interviews, did a mock interview through her, did a mock interview with a doc and my friends. And got accepted my first interview. So I think being a second time applicant helped and I kil
  4. Got my acceptance call last night Second round applying to Mesa! Best of luck for interviews to come. It was very get to know you and relaxed fit!!
  5. So hard because it’s gunna be online! So different I’m sure, but be prepared for group discussions, see if you can get some friends to do a mock interview as a part of a group on zoom so you are familiar.
  6. 4,000 hours PCE, 3.65 science gpa, probs 200 shadowing hours, and 100 volunteer hours. - I also interviewed at RVU last year and didn’t get accept, don’t give up on your dreams!! Round two lol
  7. Interview invite today!! So excited. I also did not take the PA CAT if anyone else is still in the submission process.
  8. Just got my invite to interview in December!!! Best of luck everyone!
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