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  1. not sure about the anatomy lab but they're increasing tuition starting this cycle
  2. I believe this is for next cycle as it mentions the cycle opening in April 2021
  3. https://school.wakehealth.edu/Education-and-Training/PA-Program/How-to-Apply GRE submission deadline: 10/1
  4. I got the confirmation that they received it the next day so kinda wondering how they're sending them
  5. they'll send you an email verifying that they received your supplemental and in that email, it also says a status update will be emailed by early October so I'm guessing that's when they'll send out interview invites
  6. App received by school on 6/10, supplemental received today (8/4)
  7. those who received the supplemental, would you be so kind to post your timeline?
  8. only applicants who will be getting an interview will receive the supplemental
  9. I submitted 5/30, verified 6/4! Definitely send them an email if you haven't received one
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