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  1. Thank you for your helpful response! Yes, Im trying to remind myself that everything happens for a reason!!
  2. Did they ask any questions that caught you off guard? Trying to form answers to the common traditional questions but worried I might be asked something I wont know how to answer any advice is appreciated!
  3. I am also scheduled for the 4th for the afternoon session!
  4. Can those who received the waitlist email share some of their stats?
  5. Could those of you who have received interviews share your stats?
  6. does anyone know who to email to let them know about updates to your CASPA app?
  7. Does anyone know if you can have an outstanding prerequisite and still submit your application to the program? Also, I just wanted to confirm that they are rolling admissions... some of the others replies said so and some said they were non-rolling so I wanted to check again to make sure!
  8. Hi friends! If I have one outstanding pre-req will that delay the supplemental email? I submitted 6/30 and was verified 7/7.
  9. If I have organic chem I but a survey of organic chem I lab, would this still be acceptable to satisfy the requirement?
  10. but could you still go back and edit the supplemental questions already in CASPA after submitting? Aren’t they different questions than the ones they send you after submitting?
  11. Hello! Does South accept the following courses: survey of ochem + lab, survey of biochem + lab, microbio + lab (both lecture and lab are online) Also, am I risking it by applying to this program the first week of July? Thank you in advance!
  12. Did you guys finish the supplemental questions in CASPA before submitting and then an additional supplemental app after submitting?
  13. What should I list as the subject for Pre-calculus?
  14. eim16

    CASPA Experiences

    What if I volunteered at an event 2 years in a row? Would I have to enter in two separate entries for the same event?
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