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  1. Hi! We interviewed the 8th of Nov and found out the 21st! Best of luck! For those of you who get accepted, shoot me a DM and I’ll add you to our Facebook group
  2. I was accepted to both the Knoxville and Harrogate campuses and I am going with the Knoxville program and relinquishing my seat at Harrogate. I hope it goes to one of you guys! Good luck
  3. KNOXVILLE ADMITS: I made a Facebook group for the inaugural PA class of 2022! Send me a private message with your name (as written on FB) and I will be happy to add you!
  4. Just got my acceptance call to Knoxville as well! So so SO excited to meet everyone!
  5. Hi! Not typically! Just talk about your experiences~
  6. Hi! I've been going over common questions that I know I'll be asked for sure and making sure that I am confident and well versed in my responses so I communicate all that I want to to the interviewer. Also not trying to stress about the whole process by cramming and prepping! You get an interview in the first place because they know you can be a good fit in the program, but they just want to make sure that your vision aligns with the school's vision. Be yourself! You've been through this entire process, you've written a million supplementals, you've taken the GRE, etc. Everything that you have prepared for and wanted and dreamed about has lead you to this interview and you just really have to let your true colors shine and let them know why YOU are an asset to their program and their vision. I'll meet you this Friday!
  7. Got an interview at the Harrogate location for 12/6! Also interviewing at the Knoxville location 11/8 - anybody else get an invite from both programs??
  8. Noooo haven't heard anything.... just refreshing my email every 2 minutes I did email them a while back and they said plan from 9:00-5:30pm
  9. I got an interview for Knoxville on Nov 8 a few weeks ago! Can't wait to meet you all there! :) For anyone at the Harrogate program, how was your interview structured? I'm hoping that they structure interviews similarly but the Knoxville program is brand new so I guess we'll see!
  10. Hello all! Super late to the game but I submitted my app 6/4/19 and received an interview 7/10/19. My interview is slated for 9/26 8-12, so I'll see some of you there! SUPER excited to meet you all - I know this whole process will be a great experience and an opportunity to meet some truly brilliant people! This is my top school for sure!
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