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  1. Congrats to everyone receiving an invite! I received a denial, but thankfully already accepted to another great school. Just out of curiosity, does anyone know how much emphasis they place on in-state or midwest applicants?
  2. I got the unexpected phone call this afternoon. Looking forward to seeing who else joins...sounds like Victoria so that will be FUN!
  3. I confirmed yesterday. I'm from the Anchorage area and a first time applicant. I would love to meet up the evening before to settle any nerves One thought on location where many groups meet is the Kaladi Brothers off Brayton Dr. Not sure, but there may be a possibility to reserve the side room???
  4. Hold on hope everyone who is awaiting word of interviews. Scrolling through last year's forum, people were offered interviews for early December. Obviously this is a different year and potentially more applicants, but keep the faith!
  5. I’ll be joining you! Super relieved and excited! I’ll hop over to the Anchorage thread to help coordinate a meet-up.
  6. I just received an email that my application has gone to full faculty review. I received the email confirming my submittal of the supplemental application on 8/23. Hang in and send those positive vibes you will receive yours very soon!
  7. I'm going on 6 weeks waiting for a response. My guess is they are a little slower than anticipated due to the close proximity to application deadline. Just trying to sit and be patient with fingers crossed!
  8. Unfortunately not, I didn't select Kona as one of my two, was a very difficult choice. Being from Alaska, Kona is an annual trip, at least! Ultimately, felt I would be too distracted there being a triathlete Best of luck to all of you with interviews!
  9. What date is the Kona interview. I am confused by the 1/18/19 date since that is in the past Is it in November or January. Looking toward Alaska and wondering if interviews are being pushed into January. Thanks!
  10. Last Wednesday, I was told by Jeff (admissions) that interview notices should go out in the next couple weeks. Based off that information, I’m guessing end of next week? Fingers crossed for positive results, everyone!
  11. I submitted my supplemental application on August 23rd with CASPA previously submitted. I have yet to hear whether my application has been moved into full faculty review. Has anyone who submitted all their application material after August 23rd heard yet regarding their status? Does anyone know if Medex immediately notifies you if a decision had been made to not pursue your application further or do they wait until all decisions have been made? Thanks and best of luck to everyone!!
  12. I had the exact same submittal and supplemental fee dates. I, too, emailed the school today and got the same response that those of us who applied late will still be considered. Fingers crossed!!
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