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  1. When did you get your call? I interview Monday Jan 4th at 3:00 pm and still havent heard anything
  2. I interviewed on Monday and had a great experience! Only lasted about 1.5 hours. They showed us a virtual tour of campus and then we interviewed with 2 faculty members. The interview only took about 30-45 minutes and they made me feel very relaxed! I can tell they are going to be a great program and I’m excited to hear back
  3. I have an interview with them on 1/4 at 3:00 pm. The email said there will be anywhere from 2-7 other applicants in the call. There will be a tour of campus, program information, and then the interview. The interview is a "Standard Interview" with 2 OSU faculty. I am studying basic PA interview questions, not so much the MMI questions. Also focusing on ethical situational questions just in case. I did a mock interview with The PA Platform and I feel like it helped alot!
  4. Good morning! I received an interview invite this morning, yay!! They said interviews will be conducted January 4-7 over Zoom, and emails with time slots will be sent out tomorrow. Hopefully they will provide more info about the type of interview they will be conducting. Good luck everyone!!
  5. Hey y'all! Hope I'm doing this properly. I didn't see a forum for OSU's new PA program under "Oklahoma" so I thought I would create one! I did my undergrad at OSU and submitted my PA application on 6/1! So excited for this cycle
  6. For anyone that is curious: I emailed UNT about how many more interviews there will be and they said there will be one Mid-November (I'm assuming the one on November 16th) and one in January!
  7. When did you apply/get verified? I applied end of July and haven't heard anything so I'm assuming that is good news! Unless they just haven't gotten to my application yet lol
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